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Here are the questions you came up with as a class to guide your Tribes Museum research (feel free to use other questions your group came up with as well for each sub-topic):

1) How does the tribe use the environment to maintain their diet (food -- animals, plants, vegetation)
2) What is the climate that the tribe live in?
3) What does the region of the tribe look like (land and terrain)?
Also include:
a) Natural resources (land, forests, energy sources, minerals existing naturally in a place and can be used by the people).
b) How clothing was made from the environment
c) Materials used for shelter
d) Location on a map (where your tribe lives)

1) What were the roles of the different members within the tribe?
2) What's the daily routine of the tribe?
3) How are new families created within the tribe? (are there consequences if you don't follow the rules?)

1) What religious or spiritual beliefs does the tribe have?
2) Were any sacrifices made within the religion?
3) How does religion affect their daily life? (and sense of identity)
4) How are religious beliefs passed on to other generations?

1) What are tribe's celebrations?
2) How were stories told?
3) How are traditions passes on?
Also include (because your answers to the ideas below is what traditions is all about):
a) holidays
b) special events
c) celebrations
d) customs (their practices)

1) How are their leaders elected?
2) Who has the power to make decisions?
3) How are decisions made in your tribe?

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