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Debates Page

Following our theme of Debates we have been working on a bit in LA/SS, this page is just a bit more of a helper. In the comments, start a few debates, let's see who can get the most discussion!
Here are a few debate topics if you can't think of any yet:
  • Do you believe that the Internet does more harm than good?
  • Is it a good idea to ban junk food from schools?
  • Is Global Warming/Global Dimming one of the worlds worst issues? If so why?
  • Do Video games cause bad behavior in children?
  • Is it better to be Honest and Poor, or Dishonest and Rich?
  • Are we Aliens of some sort?
  • What is the best Pizza Topping?
  • Which is better: Harry Potter or Twilight?
  • Does money motivates people more than any other factor in the workplace?
  • Should the concept of zoos should be nullified?
  • Which of these two are more real – pirates or ninjas?