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Monday, November 11th 2019

C'est lundi l'onze novembre 2019
~Health- Finish healthy eating chart
Pay for Scientists in the school
Math test on Wednesday. StUdy!
~Try this spinner: Class 63 spinner
-Hand in Jungle Sports form!
~Math- Finish ''Exploring Triangles & Rectangles'' worksheet
-LA: read 20 minutes daily; update Reading Status weekly; see email from Ms. Vento
Social Studies- Canada assignment
~we are going back to O'Connor park for another park cleanup the week of Nov. 18th. Please wear your hair up and dress appropriately
 ~Cedar Glen Return forms (due today)
~French: Review vocab, être, avoir and -er verbs; test signed by a parent; finish -er h/w sheet #3 (#1, #2 overdue); listening quiz Thursday
PHE- be prepared for gym class, remember to have gym clothes! Rock Climbing Nov. 25th - Dec. 6th (return form asap)
~Music (Instrumental)` Practice the 2 new notes (Clarinet: F and G, Trumpet: F and G) And practice 'Country Walk'
- IT: bring in your student ID card in order to use a camera
- TT: research moment in history; table group rep to present on Wednesday; 

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