"Crack head" or Rob Ford?

Post date: Jan 17, 2014 12:05:26 AM

This blog post is about Toronto's...whoops...I mean the Worlds Most Popular Mayor!!! *that's enough dramatic mayor talk*. Back to serious matters though. The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford was caught smoking Crack Cocaine-a white substance from the coca plant . There was a video and picture first released in February 2013 of the mayor and his friends supposedly smoking crack cocaine. After several months in November 2013 Ford has admitted to smoking crack cocaine-an intoxicating drug. He was given the name "Crack Head" Here is a quote from himself, "yes I have smoked crack cocaine. Am I an addict? No!" and "It was probably in a drunken stupor". A drunken stupor is when someone is HIGHly intoxicated with alcoholic substances. *hope you got the joke*. Here is a meme of what some people think of him...

Ford also released a temper tantrum about a man using foul language and threats of murder which was caught on camera.

But seriously though there's news NOW about him, lets find out. When premier Kathleen Wynne told rob ford that he is not the head of council he replied with : "I’m the head of council, I don’t know if she forgot that, but I was elected as mayor,” and “She said I’m not the head of council…maybe she’s a little confused.” Rude much? This fight with premier Wynne is all about the money for the ice storm damage which occurred during our winter break.

Do you think Rob Ford is a good or bad person? What nickname will you give him? Do you think Ford is a good person to represent Toronto? Keep all comments clean.


(update): A video was recently posted online of rob at a fast food restaurant, he was shown using a Jamaican accent (terrible jamaican accent in my opinion) and was talking about being chased...perhaps about how people are on his case for using crack. . He was supposedly drunk in the video but nobody found out if drugs were used!