Language Arts

Nov 15th, 2018

Chapter 7:
1.   What's wrong with Akeer?  What are her symptoms?
2.  How do they know a lion took Marial?
3.  What changes as the group approaches the Nile?  How do they get across?
4.  What is the secret of making the canoes?

Chapter 6:
1.   Nya and her mother think differntly about the camp.  Explain.
2.  Why does everyone in the group become nauseous?
3.  If you had to choose to be Nya or Salva, explain whose shoes you would rather walk in.  Explain your choice.

Nov 12th, 2018
-Finish chapter 4 questions:

1.  Why doesn't the group want Salva along?
2.  Why do the boys, Buksa and Salva fall behind?  What have they discovered?

Oct 11th, 2018
-copy and paste the link below in web browser for hamburger paragraph slide show

Sept 9th, 2018

-Students should have a book/novel to read at all times at school.  Reading nightly at home is also a great way to continue to improve comprehension, fluency, word recognition, etc.
-Students are to complete their "Selfie Package" for tomorrow which they had time to work on this week.  
SuvethaaU 60,
5 Oct 2018, 08:03
SuvethaaU 60,
5 Oct 2018, 08:03