Things you can do besides using websites/apps listed below to support your French learning:
-Read labels in French on packaging of things you have around the house (cereal boxes, drinks, shampoo, etc.) and try to understand what it says and then compare it to the English
-Watch simple cartoons or shows on Netflix or Youtube and change the language setting to French.  Including subtitles in English is also helpful for comprehension.

Sept 17th, 2019

Avoir - to have
J'ai - I have
Tu as - You have
Il/Elle a - He/she has
Nous avons - We have
Vous avez - You (group) have
Ils/Elles ont - They have
Être - to be
Je suis - I am
Tu es - You are
Il/elle est - He/she is
Nous sommes - We are
Vous êtes  - You (group) are
Ils/Elles sont - They are

Sept 3rd, 2019

Here are some helpful resources to help support your learning of the French language

- MindSnacks           
- Duolingo                                     
- FluentU               
- UTalkClassic                      
- Mosalingua             
- Canadian French                    
- Rosetta Stone       
- Fun French by Study Cat                                    -                 
- Memrise                                                          
- SpeakEasy