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What Suvethaa Thinks This Video Means

posted 12 Nov 2018, 13:17 by SuvethaaU 60   [ updated 12 Nov 2018, 13:34 ]
I was very confused what was going on in this video but I sort of think I know( I think it won't be correct). So I think that when the first bird was just chilling on the power line until the other birds came along and bumped into each other which created a fight. Then, when the big bird came, they started mocking how the bird speaks. After that, they started to gossip about the big bird. Then the big bird came to stay with the other birds which made them angry. So the two other birds make the big bird lose her grip of the power line. Then the bird fell and because of how heavy the big bird was and how light the small birds were, the small birds flew up and lost their feathers which made them basically have no clothes. So the big bird started to laugh at them. So I think the reason why Mrs. Langley chose this video was the message it gave. It basically means that karma works and the small birds got karma by losing their feathers. Thanks for reading!