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Suvethaa's Hero

posted 3 Dec 2018, 12:12 by SuvethaaU 60   [ updated 5 Dec 2018, 17:27 ]
My heroes are my parents because they inspired me to be an engineer and teacher when I grow up. My dad inspired me to be an electrical engineer and my mom inspired me to be a teacher. I also wanted to be an engineer and teacher as a kid because it's sort of like a family tradition from my moms side as all the girls in her family were teachers, but I don't know how I'll be both. Then on parent interviews Mrs. Langley gave me a brilliant idea! I can be a professor for engineers! Well, the reason my parents are my inspiration is because they inspired me to be an engineer and teacher. 
Edit: My mom also strains herself for me and my family because she has to cook, clean, take care of me and my brother, teach us academic stuff, go to work, etc. I barely realized how much she does for me until I read all your responses. 
My dad also works so hard for me and my family. The main reason I'm alive is my dad. If my dad didn't go to work and study hard to become an engineer, I would probably not have a home to live in, food to eat, clean water to drink, my iPad, etc. My mom also works but I consider my dad a hard worker because he literally works 12 hours a day. He tells me that he wants to work overtime. My dad wastes his life on us because he comes home, eats dinner then goes to sleep. Then he wakes up at 5am, gets ready to go to work and then he goes to work at 6am. He comes home at around 6-7pm. So, what I'm trying to say right now is, my parents are the most valuable thing in my life and they are my #1 heroes.