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Taimoor's Thoughts On The Video

posted 12 Nov 2018, 15:46 by TaimoorJ 60
  I didn't really understand the video, but I'll try my best to explain it. So it starts with one bird on the wire that's just taking some rest. Then, this other bird comes, and the bird gets annoyed which results in a fight. After, a whole bunch of birds also want to sit on the power line which causes a huge commotion between all of the several birds on the power line. Next, a huge bird pops out of nowhere and looks like he's trying to stop them or trying to become friends with them. The birds didn't like that. They went off to the side and started making fun of how he looked and started murmuring about him. I think the bird fell off and that's why he came to sit with them. He weighed a lot, therefore, the whole wire abruptly came down towards the ground. Suddenly, a bird came and hit him and he almost fell off the wire, only his claws on the wire. The birds then started to peck on his claws, they got one off, but while they were about to peck off the second claw, a different bird noticed how close they were to the ground. If the big bird fell off, he/she would land safely, but the birds, they probably wouldn't, they would go flying in the air! The bird did say that, but well, it was too late. When the big bird fell off and was caused no harm, the other birds just became a part of a slingshot! They went so far up in the air, that their feathers came off. Which means when they landed pretty badly, they would basically be naked! I think the moral of the video was to never judge a person. Just in general, whether it's their looks, the way they speak or just anything. Judging someone does not define who they are; it defines who you are. Thanks for reading! :)