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Taimoor's Hero

posted 4 Dec 2018, 16:29 by TaimoorJ 60
  My hero is a soccer player, Lionel Messi. I'm pretty sure barely any of you know who Messi is. He is not my hero because he is very good at soccer, he is my hero because of what he stands for. Messi was born in Argentina living in poverty. He then decided to move to Spain and become a professional soccer player. His commitment to the game is amazing. He makes me think that I can be whatever I want, as long I do my best. He has boosted my self-confidence towards other things. He makes me try my best and makes me strive for my dreams. Considering that he had a growth deficiency syndrome, and is still playing on the highest level, has made me think that no matter what race, height, gender, or age you are, you can accomplish anything you want, no matter what your dream may be. Just try your best, it might be in sports, academics or anything like that. No matter what happens, you know you tried your best. Messi is an amazing example for someone who is hardworking, committed and an overall friendly person!