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Suvethaa's Quote

posted 5 Nov 2018, 14:36 by SuvethaaU 60   [ updated 5 Nov 2018, 16:31 ]
"When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind."
- R.J. Palacio
I love this quote because this quote is very inspirational and important. This quote is important because being kind to someone makes a huge change in people's lives. Saying a quick thank you to someone makes them happy and makes me feel good about me as well. Being right mostly makes you happy, but being kind makes a lot of people happy so it has a much bigger impact. I got this quote from the book Wonder and my grade 5 teacher because she told the class about this quote as well. This quote has made an impact in my life because after I saw his quote, I was inspired to be even more kind. For these reasons I believe that you should always choose kind and be kind. :)
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