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Shayan's thought on the video

posted 15 Nov 2018, 18:35 by ShayanS 60   [ updated 15 Nov 2018, 18:43 ]
It was hard for me to understand the first time I watched it but I watched it the second time and I understood most of it. What I think is happening is one baby bird sat on a wire and wanted it's personal space. Then another baby bird came and started to annoy the baby bird that was trying to relax and wanted his personal space and then a lot of baby birds came and their was a huge fight. While they were fighting the mama bird was sitting on a pole and she said "stop fighting........hi can I sit on the wires", the baby birds were laughing because her feathers were in a weird shape. Then the baby birds moved aside because they were expecting her to sit on the side of the wire but she sat on the middle of the wire,the baby birds were angry that she sat on the middle of the wire because the wire went down. So the two birds beside her started pecking her and then she went upside down and the baby birds started pecking her feet so she can fall off. Then a baby bird realized if the mother bird falls, they will launch up so the baby bird told the other baby birds that they will launch up so the two baby birds stopped pecking the mama bird but it was too late only one toe was remaining on the wire and the mama bird was not strong enough to hold on so she fell and the baby birds got launched up to the sky. Then the baby birds fell to the ground and they lost all their feathers so the mama bird started laughing and the baby birds ran away so they can have their own privacy. I think the lesson of the video is think before you do something I know this because the birds started pecking the mama bird before they even knew if they were going to launch up to the sky when the mama bird falls. Also don't make fun of how people look I know this because in the video the baby birds were laughing at how the mama bird looks.