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Post # 1 Avatar

posted 25 Oct 2018, 09:20 by Ms T Langley RTMS   [ updated 28 Oct 2018, 17:38 by SuvethaaU 60 ]

I created this avatar to represent myself because I liked the graphics this particular website created.  The background I chose is a beach setting and that is because I love the warmth of the sun, being barefoot in the sand and hearing the sound of the waves crashing.  Then, I added a volleyball to represent that athletics are important to me and because volleyball is one of my favourite sports.  Finally, I added long hair, blue eyes and glasses and I made sure to add a smiling mouth as I think I am a positive person who is approachable.  I enjoyed playing around with the different characteristics offered on the website and I think my avatar looks a little like me.

Now, it is your turn,  Choose one of the websites below or any other program you are aware of and create your own avatar. Make sure you explain your avatar, be creative, comment on people's posts and have fun!