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My hero - by Anjiya

posted 3 Dec 2018, 19:33 by AnjiyaC 60   [ updated 5 Dec 2018, 19:16 by Ms T Langley RTMS ]
I guess my heroes are books. Not a specific one in general but ones that are either depressing, joyful, honest, romantic or relatable.. I relate to many of the depressing parts of books as well the joyful parts so I write stories about my life in my head as I do not like working on a piece of paper.  Books with deep meaning often make me think hard about life and how it works as well as my own depressing, torturous life. I guess a special connection with books. People have asked me why I like to read so much and  answer is always " It allows me to escape from the world, my life and the harsh reality of it." 

Fact : the average person tells 4 lies a day and over 1400 in a year. Most of them are " I'm fine", believe it are not. 

I am currently working on a story titled The Irony of Life. What inspired me to do so is an essay I read a few days ago in a book. The essay was titled Us behind Masks. It was a philosophical essay but a part that caught my eye was when it said " People tell us to be ourselves yet when we do they do not like it" I assume that it takes out so much confidence that we never remove our filters again, like myself ( I rarely remove my filter ). It really made me think and I nearly cried after thinking about it long and hard enough. I suppose everything I have experienced made me the pessimist I am today. There are some other parts that were really realistic but I do not remember it nor the Title of the book.