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For The Birds

posted 12 Nov 2018, 13:46 by HibahS 60   [ updated 12 Nov 2018, 13:53 ]
I think what happens in the story is that 1 bird comes to rest on a wire all alone but then another bird comes and starts resting there but the 1st bird who was already there gets annoyed because, the other bird is taking up his space and then they start to fight. After that, bunch of more birds come and then all of them are fighting for who gets the wire. Then this big bird comea and he sounds very different from the other birds so they make fun of him by mimicking him. So then the big bird goes to sit on the wire with the other birds ( he cant really fly properly) and the whole wire was falling because he was so heavy. The other birds were so annoyed of him that they tried to move him but they did not notice that if they let him go thw wire will swing back with them on it. So the big bird was fine but the other birds lost all their feathers just trying to kick someone out of the wire.

Moral of this story: Don't make fun of people on how they appear,  how they think, or even how the sound. Everyone is different. And if you do it will backfire on you and you will realize you should have not done that.

Ps. It is sort of what happend to August Pullman in Wonder.