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Aziz's response to the video

posted 12 Nov 2018, 12:38 by AbdulazizA 60   [ updated 12 Nov 2018, 16:17 ]
It's a little bit hard for me to explain what I think is happening in the video, but I will try my best. What I think is happening is that in the beginning, two birds start arguing over something, then another bird comes, one of the birds pushes him and he gets angry, so he joins the side of the bird who didn't push him. So this keeps continuing until the leader, or the biggest one of them, tries to get them to stop arguing, he puts them somewhere farther away than where they were, and that I think might have been something like a time-out to calm them down. So then the bird comes and pushes the telephone line that they were on down in an attempt to get them to like each other again, but instead, it gives them a chance to get rid of him. So then the first 2 birds who were arguing start to peck on the biggest birds' claws, then they slowly start coming off, they only realized that they were so low and the telephone line was going to act as a slingshot as the last claw came off, the leader bird landed fine, but the other birds? Not so much. This just comes to show that causing a tiny amount of trouble can lead to other bigger troubles. So to me, the ending is like a moral. Thank you for reading!