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Aziz's quote.

posted 5 Nov 2018, 13:50 by AbdulazizA 60   [ updated 6 Nov 2018, 14:48 ]

We stopped looking for monsters under our beds when we realized they are inside of us" ~ C
harles Darwin                             

I feel like this quote is important because at times we make jokes about others, usually mean ones, we don't how much these jokes are rude until we find out how much the other person's feelings are hurt. So once that happens, we realize how terrible we were and how sad the other person feels, that joke might have been funny to you, but it was hurtful and lugubrious to the victim of the joke. this doesn't even have to be a joke, it can be something rude or something that personally impacts the person in a bad way. Either way, it still has a negative impact on the person's feeling and how other people would think about you, you might've been seen as someone somewhat nice and not mean in any way, now your seen as someone mean and rude. Anyways, that's why I think this quote is nice. The first time I saw it I thought about it a lot, and here I am expressing my feelings about it. Thanks for reading!