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Ryan response

posted 10 Jun 2019, 18:01 by RyanJ 60   [ updated 10 Jun 2019, 18:03 ]

What I think is happening in this picture is that they are running away from a landing helicopter. But if you think about it deeper, you can actually make out that the helicopter is actually landing to start war or might be there to stop it. But what I think it actually means is that there are some places in the world that might be affected by war. But you should always try to help instead of starting it.

What Taimoor Thinks About This Picture

posted 7 Jun 2019, 15:09 by TaimoorJ 60   [ updated 7 Jun 2019, 15:54 by SuvethaaU 60 ]

  If this photo is not appearing, the photo Im explaining is the one with the kid jumping.

   I think this photo can have many different interpretations and perspectives. In my opinion, this photo is showing a very young child jumping across some sort of waste in a landfill. Under both piles of garbage, there is an animal, who might be looking for food, from what I can make out of the animal, it looks like it’s malnourished. I don’t think he realizes that because I cant see any facial expression on his face when he jumped. I think he jumped because he’s trying to get to his destination, which is most probably a house or some type of shelter. He is not wearing a full outfit or anything on his upper body, which makes you think, for a kid of his age, that his family is poor. The main cause of this is what is in the background. As you can see, there is a lot of smoke, meaning that there’s lots of air pollution. This is causing the child to get as far away as possible from the air pollution. The air pollution and poor air quality is coming from the factories and the buildings. I also think this could be due to war, because I can see some partially collapsed buildings, and the smoke can be due to gunfire or missiles. I think this is taking place in a country or a place with a poor economy and environment, maybe somewhere in a Third World country. I also think this is happening in the evening because of the sun setting and thats when some workers in factories start getting ready to go back home. So, the smoke could just show that their doing their last few assignments and are leaving. Another thing that could be happening is that the kids family could be sending him to this landfill to get some things for home because they might be really poor, but that’s just another interpretation. Thats everything I can get from this picture.

Untitled Post

posted 7 Jun 2019, 12:43 by HibahS 60


I think this will be a unique picture to do, so here we go. WHO- I think these are displaced people which basically means, people who lost their houses due to natural disasters or human causes. WHAT- This image is showing how depressed people are when there is poverty in their country. Like for example, the man in the front has his hands on his forehead which is showing he is stressing and the woman on the right is trying to smile but she can't. WHERE- I think these people are on a boat because, I noticed they all have a band on, which may be like a ticket. WHEN- I think this photo was probably taken when a war happened and everyone had to flee their own country to find freedom and safety in another country. WHY- Everyone is sad because, the got displaced, had to flee their country and probably do not have money.

What I See In this Picture- Justin

posted 7 Jun 2019, 09:48 by JustinS 60

  What I see in this picture is that the kids are staring at the ape and laughing because on the ape's shirt there is skating involved, I think that the four kids are laughing and probably saying that the ape will never be able to skate. I think they are trying to tell people a message and they are probably saying "Never underestimate anything".

What I think is happening in the picture and why

posted 6 Jun 2019, 18:48 by HelenH 60

 I think the kid is jumping over to another leave pill because there is an animal under the pill where he was before and he is scared. Another reason why is that the kid might want to practice jumping, but he don't want the get hurt from felling on the ground, so he used the leave pill.

What does Ayan see?

posted 6 Jun 2019, 18:37 by AyanA 60   [ updated 7 Jun 2019, 15:43 by SuvethaaU 60 ]

In the picture with all the people in the stairwell is what I chose but I couldn't get it to go on my blog but I can still explain what I see. I see people on the stairwell which in my opinion are either poor or need food. They are all looking sad or worried. I think this had happened by either a war or maybe a natural disaster or by a terrorist attack.

What Do I See- Dhyan

posted 6 Jun 2019, 17:50 by DhyanD 60

There are a group of people who are holding a few PELICANS. What- I think that the birds were caught by hunters and those people are rescuing the birds. Where- I think that they are standing near the place where they found those PELICANS or they might be standing there for a race or something. Why- The people want to help those birds by setting them free as no birds should be live a life in a cage. All birds have right to live freely in their own environment. Whom- They are setting the birds free. How- My How is in my Why.

What is happening in the picture?

posted 3 Jun 2019, 20:34 by AnjiyaC 60


I think that in the picture, a cute monkey is on the street trying to make money by selling pictures with him and balloons. They are also children lined up wanting to take pictures with the monkey. I think the setting is in the '80's because the picture is in black and white. I notice that all of the children are on roller skates, so I think it could be near a rollerblading arena.

What I think Is Going On In This Picture - SuvBot

posted 3 Jun 2019, 17:43 by SuvethaaU 60   [ updated 5 Jun 2019, 19:38 ]

    I really wanted to do the plane crash one but then I read "Try to pick a picture not many responded to so that your answer is unique." SO, I decided to GUESS what was going on in this image since I couldn't make anything out from the other images. Who: So, I think the people in this image are people that are either homeless or they have no shelter because their flight got delayed or some other reason. What: I think the people in this image are staying in some place because their flights got delayed. I think this because they all look tired and exhausted. I know that's how you look when your flight gets delayed because my flight to Florida got delayed by about 36 hours and since we had to wait overnight, we decided to stay at a hotel. But, for all the arrangements to be done, we waited there until like 2:30 am, and I looked just like the guy with his hands on his head. Where: Maybe somewhere in an airport because this whole time I've been inferring they have a delayed flight. When: Not sure when because there are lights but maybe it's at night because everyone looks debilitated. Why: My what sort of answered my why. How: My how's already been answered as well.  Lastly, I think that they have a delayed flight because there is a man in his swimming suit. This is my interpretation of what is happening in this picture. I hope you understand this image better now.

Brendan's Picture Response

posted 3 Jun 2019, 16:21 by BrendanS 60   [ updated 3 Jun 2019, 16:38 ]

At first, my attention went to the kids in the front look like they are running away from something. Taking a closer look at this, I see a large figure that somewhat looks like a drone but then I realized that looks like a plane landing on a soccer pitch, noticing the goal has moved from the force of the plane landing, makes it seems like this plane is putting lots of force and causing lots of sand to go in the air which the kids could be fleeing from, I have a different theory though. This photo looks like it has been taken somewhere in Africa, a largely terrorized continent, because of the large Savannah-like rocks in the back and so as the demolished grass. Also, it looks like sometime in the afternoon, perfect time to keep launching plenty of attacks for the rest of the day, and through air travel which is probably the fastest way of transportation, also this plane looks like its carry troops inside of them for such a large section of the plane. As you might have guessed, this is probably some form of terrorism because Africa is highly a target because the entire continent is still developing and its very easy to take advantage of, from my understanding of course. I think these kids are fleeing from the terrorism or possibly even taking the people of the community to be escorted to camps for working since child labor is a big thing happening in Africa, What do you think?

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