year 2015-2016

You can bring notes for the open notes test EXCEPT for the last part (the research questions)

Chapter 7 

 Pages 182-186

Demo question sheet ( the bottles with holes on the side) 

flow rate experiment question sheet

How fluid control is useful in the food industry and Q 7  –sub chapter 7.6

 Test is on March 23rd, 24th, 30th depending on when I see you for science.

Chapter 8

 Density: mass and volume  experiment on page 210 ( you did this in class)

All about density including how to calculate it: sub chapter 8.3


Buoyancy and  why do ships sail at different levels depending on the types of water-sub chapter 8.5


Understanding the concept of the Cartesian diver on page 221 ( This was shown and discussed in class-  remember the diver in the soda bottle ?)


Review Qs 1,4,5, 10,12, 14, 15 on page 224-225



Review Gizmo questions and experiment observation sheets. You can bring your experiment observation sheets for the test.




One of the following Research Question ( research based on the properties of fluids you have learned) will be on the test. You can look it up and be prepared to write about this.


Oil is usually less dense than water, so it floats on the surface of water. This property of oil is both harmful and helpful during oil spills. Explain using your knowledge of fluids ( you can refer to the oil spill information on page 200-201 or online)


Most of us have little control over oil spills. However, we do have control over the          fluids that enter our storm drains when we wash cars , change the oil, or discard such things as cleaning fluids and paint. Research what happens to fl uids that enter storm drains and how they can affect us. 

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