Projects and Assignments

Here you will find, attached files on the various assignments and projects that you will be working on, 

during the course of science learning. Please scroll below to access them. Make sure 

you are following the criteria and guidelines mentioned in each project outline.

Projects and Assignments for 2019-20

1) Fluids power Project ( hydraulics and Pneumatics)

Project/Assignment Term 2 2018-19

Assignment Term 1 for 2017-18

2    Lab Report ( on the experiment done in class) use the scientific method sheet for the format of the report. It SHOULD BE TYPED Click here for rubric

3    Test 1 : scientific method,  how to identify variables, characteristics of living things, parts and functions of a microscope 

4  Cell Analogy Project - Open the link below to access information and marking criteria for the project. It is a group project but each member has their own individual part to be completed that will be assessed and marked .

Experimentation Write up using scientific method

using your notes on the scientific method, write the steps for your experimentation idea till the procedure ( including the procedure). Remember, the experiment should be doable, although you will not be asked to do it.  The rubric is attached here 

rubric for scientific method.doc

Check attached file at the bottom of the page 

                                   Cell Analogy Project                                                     

Cell Analogy Project.doc


Cells--Organ Systems Project

Cell Analogy Project.doc


Please click here to get all the required information on this project

Fluid Power culminating project

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