Safe Space

Welcome to our Safe Space! This is an online Safe Space; here no one is judged. This is 73's Beedle project. We are fighting to help anyone who needs it. We are trying to promote acceptance, optimism, and positivity towards all people. 

This is 73's Safe Space website. Here you can find out more about 73's Safe Space campaign, and what we're doing to turn our classroom and the people in it into Safe Spaces! 

What is a Safe Space?:
A Safe Space is a place where you can express yourself, without fear of being judged, harassed, or disrespected. 

Safety Pledge:
Make sure to place one hand over your heart (it's on the left side of your chest)!
"I pledge to make my classroom and community a safe space for everyone. I promise to listen. I promise to be respectful of everyone's opinions and beliefs. I promise not to use sharp words that will harm others. I promise that I will work to make everyone in my community feel welcome and safe."