General Meeting 3-15-10

RTA Office 3:30-5:30
This agenda is tentative and will change before 3-15-10. 
Agenda (printable)
  •  Welcome
  •  Minutes from Last Meeting  (Action)
  • CTA Info
  • CTA School Board Dinner
  • School Bell
  • Nominations for RTA Leadership
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Other RTA Offices
    • Negotiatons
    • Organization
    • Elections
    • Grievance
    • Membership
  • RUSD Board Meeting
  • RTA Podcast: Interview w/Ken Geisick
  • Union Shirts
  • Layoffs
    • paperwork
    • two meetings at RRC with CTA Attorney
  • Negotiations
  • Mesa
Executive Board Meeting 3/10/10

  • CTA Info
  • CTA School Board Dinner
  • Nominations for RTA elections
  • RUSD Board Meeting
  • RTA Interview: Ken Geisick
  • Union Shirts
  • Layoffs
    • paperworks
    • two meetings at RRC with CTA Attorney
  • Negotiations
    • Answering member questions
  • Mesa
  • General Meeting
Possible 3/12/10 Interview Questions for Ken 

How does RUSD justify purchasing new Laptop Computers for every person on the school board and all district employees that sit with the board members during the board meetings and the expensive cart that the computers get locked in after the meeting when RUSD is giving RIF notices to 14.9 teachers.


How does RUSD justify purchasing new Board Room furniture when they are giving RIF notices to 14.9 teachers.


If you are trying to keep cuts as far away from the students as possible, these two expenditures appear to be as far away from the student in the classroom as possible.


Why does RUSD allow a Charter school to take over Rio Altura when RUSD is giving RIF notices to 14.9 teachers?


How can RUSD justify building a new Elementary School and still give out RIF notices to 14.9 teachers?

Cardozo teachers want to know why he removed all graduation requirements without talking to use and getting our opinion?   


Why has the School Board / District Office not asked the public &/or employees for comments and suggestions on how RUSD could save money thereby saving teachers jobs like Modesto City Schools has done on several occasions both over the Internet as well as at special Forums?


Has RUSD considered canceling all sports and/or coaching stipends in order to save money and keep teachers jobs?  Does the RUSD & Board Members consider sports to be more important than teachers and classrooms?


Has the citizens of Riverbank considered doing away with having an individual district office and just operate under the direction of the county office of education in order to save money?


With Ron Costa & Barbara Cortese no longer in their respective positions at RUSD (for 2010/2011), who will be the administrator in charge of Human Resources and what is their education and credentials and background to hold this type of position?


Why is it that there are some Paraprofessionals teaching Academic Strategies at the high school instead of a credentialed teacher?  It is understood that there is a “teacher of record” for each of these classes; however, the “teacher of record” is never in the classroom.  Therefore, for all intensive purposes, a non-credentialed Paraprofessional is the one teaching the children on a day to day basis and assigning the grades, grading the papers, etc.


Why is it that custodians mow and edge the grass during class time instead of after school when class is not in session?  The mowing and edging is a class disruption.


In the face of losing teachers and increasing class size reduction and possibly losing programs, why is the district still pumping thousands and thousands of dollars into the SIM Program.  For example:

Bringing SIM Professionals from around the country to RUSD.

Paying a full time credentialed teacher to be a professional full time Instructional Coach instead of teaching children.

Paying for teachers to attend SIM training 3-4 times a year and then having to pay for substitute teachers to cover their classes while they are at training.

Paying for other teachers to be out of the class and be in charge of those same SIM trainings (2 teachers/trainers for a single SIM training) and then having to pay for substitutes to cover their classes as well.

Therefore, the district is paying for substitute teachers to cover the teacher attending the trainings AND to cover the two teachers that are leading the training.


Why aren’t the district personnel paying the same portion for health insurance as all the certificated teachers?


Why is the school board offered health insurance when they only work a few hours per month in a part-time position?


Is RUSD going to curtail all conferences for all administrators, school board members, and everyone else just as they have been for credentialed teachers?


It is understood that credentialed teacher could go to their individual site administrator for funding to a conference, however, there is never any money available for this purpose, therefore, for all intensive purposes; all conferences have been curtailed for certificated teachers.  Is this going to happen for all administrators and school board members?



Is RUSD going to eliminate class size reduction in order to save money by laying off teachers?


Do administrators get a car allowance and cell phone usage paid for by RUSD and is that being considered for elimination to help save money?


How can RUSD justify cutting teachers, eliminating classes, asking teachers to take salary cuts (furlough days)  and possibly increasing class sizes with 17-20+% in reserves when the law only states that our district have 3% in reserves?

What is the board policy for a tie breaker for those teachers who have been pink slipped  and have the same senority date?


If it is appropriate please tell Mr. Giesick that it is appreciated that RUSD did not hand out a mass of pink slips like surrounding districts did.  We still expect that some if not all pink slips will be recinded by May 15.


Is the district keeping class size reduction?  If not how large will the classes be at the elementary level?


What does Mr. Giesick see as the biggest strength of the district?  What is the district doing to maintain that strength?


What does he see as the biggest weakness?  What is the district doing to remedy it?


What is the reserve in the budget used for?


Let me know if you need more questions.  I do not expect mine to be asked.  I just wanted you to have a list of questions to choose from.


Why is it in this time of rising expectations and strict standards yourself and the board took away any requirements for students to walk the stage at Cardozo promotion ceremony without even talking to teachers or parents and getting their input on the matter?


How can you even feel comfortable knowing that good kids who earned the right to walk the stage will be up there with kids who have had straight F's all year and some who have been nothing but a disruption to the learning process of other students?


Richard Beatty,
Mar 17, 2010, 11:34 AM