Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements

Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements

Proficiency-Based Learning (PBL) is a key component of flexible and personalized pathways set forth in Act 77 and the State Board of Education’s Education Quality Standards. Vermont public schools must provide students with flexible and personalized pathways for progressing through grade levels and to graduation.

Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs) are the locally-delineated set of content knowledge and skills connected to state standards that, when supplemented with any additional locally-developed requirements, have been determined to qualify a student for earning a Poultney High School diploma. Vermont’s Education Quality Standards (EQS) require that a school’s graduation requirements be rooted in demonstrations of student proficiency, as opposed to time spent in classrooms. This requirement will take effect in Vermont beginning with the graduating class of 2020. 

Habits of Work (HOW) A main of component of Proficiency-based grading is separating grades that reflect the attainment of content standards from “Habits of Work”, or general dispositions that are desirable in school and workplace settings. The Habits of Work Rubric that we use at PHS is below.

                       Find more information about PBL in Vermont by clicking here.

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