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Johanna DeKalb -- Research and Reporting 7/8

Welcome to Computer Applications 7 (formerly known as Research and Reporting)

What do we do in this class?Desktop computer icon by

In this class, we will be learning about the resources not only available in the high school library but also online for doing research, reference help, or for completing projects.  Students will be introduced to Google Docs/Google Apps as a way to organize their ideas for a writing or research project, and also have opportunities to learn about and practice citing and documenting sources correctly.  Students in Grade 7 will also explore topics in Digital Citizenship to learn how they can be a “good citizen” online and be informed users of the Internet.  We will accomplish this through hands-on activities and various group and individual projects that will be completed in class.

Weekly Assignments for Computer Applications 7---Week of October 24-28

We are going to start off this week with a WebQuest on Evaluating Websites. On Thursday, students were introduced to some strategies that they can use to look at a website critically to help them decide whether it would be valid or useful for research purposes, or whether it may be a hoax or "fake" website. These strategies will be used to help them complete the WebQuest. This will wrap up our first unit on Library/Online Resources by midweek, and allow us to begin our second unit on Using Google Apps for Education. Students will start off by looking at some formatting tools that they might not be aware of that are found in Google Docs. As Google is constantly revising their programs/apps, some commands that were there during the first Experience Group (in August/September) are no longer there---and this gives students a chance to familiarize themselves with some of the changes occurring in Google Apps. Of course, all weekly assignments can be found on our Google Classroom page----and students can access that at any time through their school Google account.

The pictures and video below show some of the Lego Robotics projects that were created by students last spring in the Technology 8 Experience Group.

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