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Aaron Pyrzynski- P.E.

Poultney Middle/ High School

Physical Education Syllabus

Mr. Pyrzynski


Welcome to P.E. class.  We look forward to a new and exciting year with a wide range of activities.  The following is a list of expectations for your physical education.  Each student will be graded according to the physical education rubric on my personal school website.


Please be aware of the following guidelines for class:


1.            If you need to be excused from physical education class/activities please bring a note from home/doctor to the nurse before class.

2.            If a doctor limits your participation in activities, please ask them to specify the amount of activity and what you can/cannot do, as well when you can return to full participation.

3.            If you choose to bring valuables to class, you are responsible for locking them up in the locker room.

4.            Cell phones are NOT ALLOWED in PE class at any time, unless told otherwise.

5.            Hats are “ONLY” to be worn outside for class.


Classroom Rules:


1.       No gum

2.       Change for all classes (Sneakers only = half credit)

3.       No cursing or foul language towards teachers, peers, etc.

4.       Respect equipment and gym spaces


Physical Education Procedures:

-Students will have 10 minutes to change before the beginning of class and 10 minutes before the end of the period.

-Students will meet in the wellness room for attendance and then proceed to correct area for that class period.

Grading Rubric


CS Homework- 5%

CS Tests/ Projects- 15%

TS CEF Participation/ Time on Task- 50%

TS CEF Speak/ Listen- 5%

TS CPS Goal Setting/ Completion- 5%

TS RIC Attendance- 5%

TS RIC Classroom Behavior- 10%

TS SD Prepared- 5%




Aaron Pyrzynski,
Oct 6, 2015, 5:32 AM