A note from your

  School Counselors     

Our role at THMS is to support every student’s middle school experience.

We want to insure that each child is on a pathway for success in school and in life.

If at any point in the year we can partner with you as you raise your child  through the challenging Tween/Teen  years, we are here for you.

Emily Davis

Troy Howard Middle School

8th Grade School Counselor

Available: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday


Phone: 338-3320 Extension 223

Room #223

Maureen Ferriter

Troy Howard Middle School

6th and 7th Grade School Counselor

Available: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday


Phone : 338-3320 Extension 123

Room #123

Typical issues children learn to navigate

during the middle school years

Peer relationships/conflicts Changing friendships    

Academic pressure                 Under or over achievement

Anxiety                   Stress        School Attendance

Social skills          Dependence and Independence


Organization                       Time management

Communication       Emotional health              Social media

We are invested in your child's success. We are here to help all students with any school adjustment issues they may have, including: social, academic, emotional and/or transitional needs . We have an initial meeting with each student, but parents can encourage their son or daughter to ask for our help if desired. Students  simply need to come to our offices to request a visit. Requests are submitted by using a simple request form outside our doors. While our work with students is confidential, we encourage the children to inform their parents that we have met. 

Parents and staff are also welcome to request our services at any time.  Please feel free to contact us with any pertinent information, questions or concerns about your child.  We enjoy collaborating with you to help your student feel more comfortable transition to school, to help him/her work towards beneficial relationships with friends and teachers, and to meet personal goals.  Don't hesitate to let us know how we can help.