About Our Class!

Health Education is offered to all three grade levels.
6th grade--Health Education will be integrated into Physical Education classes on a rotating basis.  Students will spend a few weeks in Health each trimester.  Each trimester will be a different teacher and will encompass different subjects such as social health, nutrition and safety.

7/8 grade---Health Education will be held one quarter of the year, with class every day.  The other quarter will be Digital Citizenship and for the other two quarters, students will be in Physical Education, alternating.

7th grade will concentrate on Human Body Systems and Health.  Students will be assigned a text book to be used in class and for any homework.

8th grade will concentrate on the disease, immune system, use of medicine, and the health care system.  8th grade will have their text on their laptop for use outside of class.

www.portaportal.com  Guest access:  thms.health

Mindfulness in Schools

Links to videos:

6th Grade


Bill Nye Food Web

7th Grade

HBSH Chpt 1 Jeopardy Game

Human Reproduction

Raging Teens

Cardiovascular and Circulatory System

Heart Attack

Bill Nye
Blood and Circulation

Heart Diagram

Skeletal System

Broken Bones

Respiratory System

Smoking Truth or Dare

Digestive System

Bill Nye

8th Grade

Communicable Disease

Body Snatchers Episode 1 Pregnancy/The Flu

Ted HIV and Flu--The Vaccine Strategy


Kurzgesagt Videos and others

Bill Nye

Out of Control Salmonella/Obesity

Smoking Truth or Dare

Immunity and Vaccinations

Human Sexuality

Teen Dreams



http://www.stayteen.org/quiz/    Pregnancy Prevention

Teens and Drugs

The Truth about Drinking

Noncommunicable Disease