Instructional Strategies

From The Strategic Teacher by Silver, Strong, and Perini (2007).

The authors of this book argue that there are 4 learning styles present in the American classroom today: Mastery Learners, Interpersonal Learners, Understanding Learners, and Self-Expressive Learners. Each of the styles has teaching strategies, below, that address the varied needs of the learners in that category.

 Mastery Strategies
1. New American Lecture
2. Direct Instruction
3. Graduated Difficulty
4. Teams-Games-Tournaments
 Understanding Strategies
5. Compare and Contrast
6. Reading for Meaning
7. Concept Attainment
8. Mystery
 Self-Expressive Strategies
9. Inductive Learning
10. Metaphorical Expression
11. Pattern Maker
12. Mind's Eye
 Interpersonal Strategies
13. Reciprocal Learning
14. Decision Making
15. Jigsaw
16. Community Circle