Maine Assessment & Accountability Reporting System (MAARS)


Maine Assessment & Accountability Reporting System (MAARS)

MAARS – Public Site

The MAARS Public Site provides public access to data from Maine's assessment and accountability systems, beginning with data from the 2015-16 administration of Maine Educational Assessments (MEA). Information is provided about how Maine's students performed on state assessments beginning in 2015-16 in mathematics, English language arts/literacy, and science.

There are two types of reports available:

  • Quick Reports provide tables of basic participation and performance data for each school, each district, and for the state as a whole. These reports contain links to ESEA Report Cards.
  • Interactive Reports are more detailed customized reports for users who wish to drill deeper. Users are able to view data about particular grade levels or particular groups of students.  Data for a particular school or district can be compared to data from other selected schools or districts.

Detailed Assessment Reports for Students with Disabilities – This resource provides MEA participation and achievement data at the State, SAU, and school levels for students with disabilities in accordance with 34 CFR §300.160(f).

We believe that taking the state assessments, whether it is the eMPowerME assessments for grades 3-8 or it is the SAT for all third year high school students, is important.  Please read our brochure to find out how these tests can help our students and our schools.  

From the State of Maine Webpage: The Maine Department of Education is pleased to announce a partnership with Measured Progress, Inc. to develop and administer the 2016 State summative assessment in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy. At grades 3-8, the test of will be delivered online using iTester platform provided by subcontractor eMetric, LLC. 
Practice questions for the new test are available here: eMPower Practice Test
For 3rd year high school level, the new ‘redesigned’ SAT will be delivered in 2016 with paper/pencil. It is anticipated shift to a computer-based SAT delivery in 2017.
Try a practice test for the new SAT here: Practice Test

This past spring students in grades 3-8 as well as third year high school students participated in the Maine Educational Assessment for Math and ELA-Literacy, or Smarter Balanced testing. Maine, as a member of the Smarter Balanced consortium comprised of 21 states, administered the Smarter Balanced test to measure students in their understanding of the Maine Learning Results authorized by the Maine Legislature. In doing so, Maine complied with federal and state law requiring the annual measure of student performance on the standards. By design, results from the Smarter Balanced assessment are expected to provide schools with information on students’ college and career readiness.

Unlike the SAT, NECAP, and the previous MEA, required tests by the State in previous years, Smarter Balanced is a computer adaptive test. Students completed the test entirely online. While the test is untimed, the testing extend over several days for approximately 8 hours total.

RSU 64 administrators and teachers thoughtfully considered the requirements for Smarter Balanced as well as the impact on your child’s daily school routine when developing the testing schedule. Every attempt was made to develop a testing schedule that satisfies the requirements of Smarter Balanced while also prioritizing instructional time and what is in the students’ best interests.

Contact your school principal or my office if you have questions regarding the State required assessment. Thank you for your continued commitment to your child’s education and to his/her school.

More information can be found on Smarter Balanced Website: SBAC
Try a practice test here: Practice and Training Test