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Dear Students, Parents and Visitors of Central Middle School,


Thank you for visiting our web site and taking a look at what Central Middle School has to offer. We are excited about the upcoming year and the changes brought forth by a Proficiency Based Education system and what that means for our students and parents. But first, I wish to welcome our new Grade 7 Social Studies teacher,  Mrs. Amy Bickerstaff. Mrs. Bickerstaff comes to us from Central High School where she was an Educational Technician  for many years, and has worked hard to become a certified teacher. Mrs. Bickerstaff also served as an Ed Tech at Bradford for several years before coming to CHS.  Mr. Viani did not leave, but has transferred down to the grade 6 level where he will continue to teach Social Studies. We also welcome Mr. Ian Foran from Central High School as he will be teaching grade 8 social studies. Furthermore, Mrs. Carrie Carr will be joining our Special Education staff. Mrs. Carr had been teaching in Canada but relocated her family back to the States and we are fortunate to have her expertise and experience in the special education field.  She replaces Ms. Hughes as she moved to a full-time teaching position down on the Maine coast. We are excited about these new teachers  and the energy and creative flair they all bring to Central Middle School!  

As a staff, we are committed to the transition of a Proficiency Based Education system. To help us facilitate that transition to a proficiency based  system, the District has purchased a new Student Information System put out by Tyler Technologies. This system will be rolled out slowly in the next few months so as not to over whelm parents and staff on it's intricacies and its overall efficiency. It will be, in the long run, a much more efficient system and one which will be able to report a great deal of information and detail with respect to your student's academic performance.  For grade 6, these students will be receiving solely a "Proficiency Based" report card, one in which they are accustomed to while in the elementary school. Parents will see if their child exceeds, meets, or does not meet a particular content standard on a 1 to 4 point scale.  For grades 7 & 8th  grade students,  they will be receiving a dual report card. This report card will report both on a 0 to 100 scale and also a 1 - 4 scale, indicating whether your child exceeds, meets, or does not meet a particular content standard.  We ask that you be patient during this transition to a proficient based education system and with the transition to Tyler Technologies, which replaces the former Infinite Campus. Parents will continue to have access through a "Parent Portal" in Tyler Technologies and we will be slowly releasing new information about this system as we learn how to properly navigate and load information for your perusal on your student's academic performance. As I mentioned, more information will follow on this major transition.      

In addition, we have made some minor changes in our student scheduling with respect to our Allied Arts offerings. Grade 6 students will be having each Allied Art class 1X/week. They will include health, physical education, computer/technology, guidance class and library skills. For grades 7 & 8, rthe4y each will have physical education 3x/week, sided with health on the other two days. The other allied art pairings will include guidance class and art. At the end of the 1rst semester (2nd quarter), students will switch their allied arts pairings so that they will receive all four of the allied arts offeringsin the calendar year.    

In addition, our custodial and maintenance staff has been very busy this summer! Our entrance way has a fresh new coat of blue paint to greet you upon your entrance to CMS! It looks incredible! Thanks to our Boosters Club, we now have state of the art basketball scoreboards in our gymnasium, replacing the original scoreboards which were well over 30 years old. Security cameras are present in the hallways and entrances of the school, monitoring access to each of our exits and assisting with additional building security measures. There will be new lighting in both the gymnasium and cafeteria as well as the ability to monitor and distribute heat evenly to parts of the building that often were very cold during the winter months. Furthermore, the maintenance staff will continue to upgrade the bathrooms in our upstairs sections as well as repair the floor tiles on our stair wells. We are forever grateful of this work as it makes for a very positive and inviting learning environment for all of our students; one that everyone can be very proud of!    


This website will serve as a guide as you and your child navigates his or her way through the different seasons of the year.  While it is full of information that will serve you and your student, it certainly doesn’t cover every scenario that may evolve.  If at any time you have questions about what is happening at school or in regards to this website, please do not hesitate to contact me. Each staff member now has a comprehensive web page for you to use as a resource for your child's homework assignments,  content knowledge, and activities that they are learning and participating in. Please fell free to contact us at 285 -3177 or email me at   jperry@rsu64schools.org if you have any additional questions or concerns.  


Once again, my staff and I look forward to working with you to ensure the best educational experience for your child.


Best wishes for an exciting and fulfilling year!


Jon Perry



        A. Proficiency Based Education Brochure

CMS General Announcements:

The Central Middle School teachers, support staff, and custodians would like to thank ALL of the parents who were involved in making "Teacher Appreciation" week very special for our staff. Your efforts and kindness were very much appreciated! From all of us at CMS, thank you for thinking of us!

Important End of year dates:

Thursday, May 31st..................Spring Chorus Concert at 7:00 PM  Grades 6 - 12
Wednesday, June 6...................Grade 8 Field Trip to Bar Harbor  (8:00 - 4:15)
Friday, June 8 ..........................CMS School Dance  6:00 - 8:00PM (All clothing must be in accordance with the CMS dress code. If students would like to  dress in more formal attire, that tis fine. However, students should not feel like they must do so. )

Sunday, June 10 ......................CHS Graduation at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor
Wednesday, June 12th..............Grade 7 Field Trip to Peaks Kenney State Park  (8:00 - 2:15)
Thursday, June 14th.................CMS "Panther Period Celebration" at Sports Arena in Hermon.
Friday, June 15th......................Grade 6 & 7 Awards Ceremony at 1:00 PM  CMS Gym

Monday, June 18th...................Grade 8 Promotion Exercises @ 12:30    CMS Gym    


The Third  Quarter "Celebration of Student Achievement" will be held on Thursday, April 12th at 1:30 in Merrill Gymnasium. On this day, we will be recognizing our students for their third quarter academic success and "Students of the Month"!  Honor roll recognition, as we once knew it, will no longer be recognized in a Proficiency Based Learning System. Students are no longer "ranked" by level of achievement. Students are graded according to their level of proficiency towards different content standards. This is a huge change and shift in the way we celebrate student achievement. We ask for your patience and understanding as we develop a plan to celebrate and recognize student achievement.          

TO: Please check out the CMS PTO Facebook page for additional information.   

The above link is some terrific strategies to support your child while taking the upcoming State assessments. As you know, the results of the State assessment reflects positively, or negatively on our District and school. As parents, it is important that we project a positive and supportive approach to your child's efforts and attitude towards these assessments. We appreciate your support! 

The following students were selected as "Students of the Month" at the Second Quarter "Celebration of Student Achievement" Assembly held on Tuesday,  February 6th:

                            DEC.                     JAN.                 FEB.     
Grade 6       Addison Verrill       Logan Jackson      Cassie Gonyer

Grade 7      Grace Thompson     Kennen Bean        Hailey Cash
                                                                             Tara Curry 

Grade 8      Cody Ross                Britni Grant         Grace Campbell

Second Quarter "Celebration of Student Success" Roll of Honor:

Grade 6                                            Grade 7                            Grade 8

ATTENTION: Substitute Teachers needed for CMS and all other grade levels in the RSU #64 School District. You can download an application form from the District website. All substitute teachers are subject to a criminal history check before you can become eligible. 
We thank you for your interest!   


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