Playground Installation Project

We need help from the Waterboro Community!!

Below is the schedule for our upcoming NEW PLAYGROUND INSTALLATION PROJECT. We are in need of community members who have access to any of the equipment/tools and/or time to support us with this exciting project. 

Please contact the main office @ 247-6126 or email the Parent Teacher Organization @ if you have access to any of the needed items on the equipment and tools list. Thank you in advance for your support!

If you have time and are willing to volunteer to help us install the new playground, you can sign up via the below links. There is something for everyone!!

Sign up via this link to help on June 3rd to either help set build the playground or donate a food/beverage item for our hardworking volunteers:

Sign up via this link to help pour concrete for the playground or donate a wheelbarrow for our volunteers to use on June 5th and 6th:

Sign up via this link to help with the final landscaping or donate water and snacks for our volunteers helping on June 10th and 11th:

*Childcare is being provided by the Funergy Program from Parks and Rec on June 3rd. Please note children need to be potty trained. Please e-mail the in advance.*

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