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Help Wanted

The Following Staff Members Will be Heading Off To High School This Year:

Hannah Waugh
Emily Wasina
Erin Leach
Justin Leach
Danielle Burbank
Autumn Nostrom
Elaine Dudley
and Devin Adams

The Roundup, our online school newspaper is now seeking new members for next year! We’re calling for all types of people: writers, poets, sports enthusiasts, artists, tech-savvy people
and advice givers as well as  a whole bunch of kids ready and willing to journey throughout the school to get the scoop on Massabesic. 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  All are welcome here! Make sure to listen to the announcements this spring as well as early next year to know when you can join our staff.

Sniff Sniff...Farewell 8th Grade Roundup!

~Mrs. Lyons
Three quarters of the Roundup staff will be leaving us for the high school.They are a very unique and amazingly talented group of young writers that will be sorely missed. I am  proud to showcase their work to any literary critic, anywhere. The poetry, articles and stories have been a pleasure to share with everyone. This crew is off to achieve great things, but before they leave, MMS and Mrs. Lyons thanks them for their effort and wishes them all great success in the future.
Justin Leach, Danielle Burbank,
Hannah Waugh, Autumn Nostrom,
 Emily Wasina, Erin Leach,
and Elaine Dudley
Spring 2012 Issue

The Roundup Staff

From the left: Emily Cyr, Hope Riley, Lauren Stapleton, Justin Leach, Danielle Burbank, Devin Adams, Hannah Waugh, Erin Leach, Emily Wasina (In front), Autumn Nostrom (In back of Emily).
Not in this photo:  Mrs. Lyons, Lydia Wasina, Autumn Buddemeyer

MMS Memories and Good-Byes

Goodbye 8th grade, and hello 9th. Being in 8th grade doesn’t mean it’s over. It means theres a whole other beginning.  You start to think about your future, and how you want to run it. You've still got 4 more years of school!
    I’ve been here since 6th grade. At the Middle School we have lots of students, and each and everyone of them is different. I’ve met lots of new people that I’ll miss, especially the teachers. I’ve had lots of good times here. I know I’ve had many:

In 6th grade, It was our first time coming, I was nervous but excited!
In 6th grade, we got to go onto a field trip to so lobster place, and we “studied” lobsters.
In 7th grade, I had Mr. Crepeau, we studies Greek and Romans, and how they lived in the past. I loved it, it was interesting and we created posters of them.
In 7th grade, We went to UNE, University of New England, we went on a tour of UNE. We say sting rays, turtles, mini sharks, and other cool animals. We also got to hold some, like the sting ray. After that we also went to the beach for Mr. Parents class, to see what endangered animals we could find.
In 7th grade, we did a wax museum. The wax museum is when you get in a group and study the person your teacher assigns you. You dress up and look like them. You do this at the end of the year, and you do this with all of the 7th grade teams.
In 8th grade, you would think things get harder. They don’t, if you try your hardest it’s not hard at all.
In 8th grade, you go to the promotion dance. Now I haven’t been yet, but I hear it’s the best dance of all. You bring your date and have a rockin’ time!
In 8th grade, It’s your last time coming here.

    I have to say that 8th grade was my favorite year, yet, of being in Massabesic. I’m excited for High School, but also sad I’m going. Have fun at Middle School, and don’t wish it away, it goes away just as fast as it came. Bye Middle School.
Autumn Nostrom

I have had a great time at MMS.  It's been a wonderful experience.  I'd like to thank the staff members, who put a lot of time into helping students learn (even when some don't cooperate).  I've been in this building since fifth grade, back when I had Mrs. Swett as a teacher. 
In sixth grade, I was on the Sabatus team- Mr. Knox, Mr. Berk, Mrs. Swett, and Mrs. Bridges.  They were all very nice people, and they all made a huge commitment to help the team and I learn. 
In seventh grade, I was on the Allagash team- Mrs. Grantham, Mr. Gillespie, Mrs. Soucy and Mrs. Hafenecker.  This was the first year that we had live animals in a classroom.  I also enjoyed a trip to Freeport, where I shared how our school uses technology to a group of teachers from Sweden. 
Now, I am finishing up my year in eighth grade on the Presumpscot team- Mr. Grantham, Ms. Davis, Mr. Lewia, and Ms. VanHorn.  These people really balance each other out.  They all are very nice, and there was no need to be afraid of eighth grade.
I participated in Band (trombone) all four years.  Mrs. Ambrose is a very nice teacher, and considerably patient.  Even though she does not play the trombone, I learned almost everything that I know about my instrument from her.  I will definitely continue to play.
I have also done Roundup, where I recently became the editor.  I participated in Student Council in eighth grade, where I got my nickname from Mr. and Mrs. Grantham (the "Czar"). 
I would also like to thank Mrs. Wardwell for showing me a bunch of essay contests, and giving me the chance to win $100, and giving my family the chance to win a trip to Washington D.C.  I would like to thank Mr. Bryant for being so funny, and letting me stay for lunch to work on my flag project and my egg car.  He has a personality that I will never forget.
All of the teachers that I have mentioned (and many more) have helped me make these four years a blast.  I will miss you all.  Thank you for the valuable education and life skills that you have given me.
Have a wonderful summer. 
Justin Leach