RSU #57 Learner Profile Overview

(2 min. 34 sec.)

This video is an overview of the different parts of the RSU #57 Learner Profile.  To go 
more in depth on each part, please search the other videos linked to the left of this 

The first section that we visit is in the upper right hand corner of the profile.  This section 
is the progress legend.  The progress legend gives a breakdown of the possible scores 
for the learning targets.

On the left side of the profile is a list of categories divided by content area.  Content 
areas include math, english language arts, science, social studies, art, music, and PE.
Each content area is broken down into more manageable groups, each defined by a 
theme. These groups are called measurement topics. 

The measurement topics are broken down further into standards, which we refer to as 
learning targets and are represented by the boxes to the right of the topic name. Each 
box contains a score defined in the progress legend.  All topics begin at step one and build 
on each other until it reaches the target at the end that we want all students to master 
by graduation. The number of targets differ for each topic, totaling 3 - 4 targets in some 
topics and up to 10 or 11 in others.

The status message at the right of the measurement topic scores reports if the learner 
is 'on pace,' opportunity for improvement,' or 'finished.' 

The last part is the comment box under each set of measurement topics. Teachers will 
use this box to report work habits, strengths, opportunities for improvement, and other 
important information.

To go more in depth on each part mentioned in this video, please search the other 
videos linked to this page. If you have questions or comments, please send an email to