Massabesic Middle School's Newspaper Fall 2011 Edition

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 This year, every eighth grader is a Department Chair.
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MMS Welcomes Mr. Jandreau 
    We at Massabesic are so happy to welcome our new Assistant Principal, Brian Jandreau. Mr. Jandreau is a hard working, humble, and passionate person here at Massabesic Middle School. He describes himself as “energetic and sensitive”.  At school, he is very focused, but at home, it is all about his family.
Mr. Jandreau grew up in Windham, Maine and he still lives there.  At home, he has two dogs, Maggie and Boomer. He also has a wife, Jill, who teaches as a Kindergarden teacher in Windham. Some things that he likes to do in his spare time are cook, hike with his dogs, and try different foods. 
Our new Assistant Principal has many “fav’s”. His favorite books are Where the Red Fern Grows and Into the Wild. He has a lot of favorite foods, but he likes lasagna and cheeseburgers the best. 

Mr. Jandreau attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Then, he went to University of Southern Maine and graduated with a Master’s degree.  At Massabesic, he thinks a lot of the kids and their opinions about things. He also says that he loves meeting the different students and faculty and  learning their names. 

Mr. Jandreau says that for ten years, he loved being a teacher and interacting with all different kids and adults. He liked to make things very clear and to help people with what they needed. So he decided that if he could be a school leader, he could help even more people, specifically teachers, succeed in their classrooms. Mr. Jandreau now loves being Assistant Principal, and hopes to continue for a long time. 
Welcome, Mr. Jandreau! Staff and students are so happy to have you with us!