Welcome to the RSU 57 School District SDS/MSDS database.  

The database is divided into two types of categories, chemicals that are used in high school chemistry titled "Massabesic High School Chemistry Lab Chemicals" and those that are used elsewhere in the district titled "RSU 57 SDS/MSDS Database".  

The general database is for all chemicals that are used in all departments across the district, other than those used by the high school chemistry department.  This general database is known as the RSU 57 SDS/MSDS database.  

The high school chemistry department’s database is divided according to the manufacturer of the chemical you are looking for. In both lists, all chemicals are identified first by manufacturer and then by product name. As an example, when looking up a Flinn Scientific product click on the Flinn Scientific link to access the database and then click on the first letter of the chemical or product name.

All databases can be accessed in two different ways, by accessing the alphabetical list or by doing a search.  You can click on the letter below each category that is associated with the first letter of the product’s brand name.  As an example, if you were looking for Behr paint, you would click on the letter “B”.  
Another method of finding the right chemical or product is to use the search box at the top right corner of the page. Simply type in the word of the chemical or product and click the search link to the right. This search box can also be used by typing in a generic word such as “latex paint”. As such, all products associated with the words “latex paint” will be displayed.  

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Massabesic High School Chemistry Lab Chemicals

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