MHS/MMS Device Collection

It is time to return your devices for the summer.  This page is designed to give you the information that allows you to make certain that you are prepared for the collection process.  If there is information that you would like to see added to this page, please send an email with your suggestion to

How to Prepare for Device Collection

Grades 6-12 before collection:

• Sign out of iCloud and the App Store

You are now ready for step 1!

Step 1

If you have a Chromebook: (Grades 6, 9-12) 
Bring your Chromebook and charger cable to school on the day of collection.

If you have a MacBook Air: (Grades 7-8)
Pack your MacBook Air, charger, and charger extension in the black Brenthaven Sleeve and bring it to school on the day of collection.

Collection Dates
June 2017

At the middle school, students will be called down by team. The office staff will work with teachers to make this happen.

At the high school, the technology staff will collect devices by alphabet.  There will be an all-call within the building to inform you of when your device is being collected.  

Names will be called in the following 5 groups:
Last names beginning with the letter:
  1. A - F
  2. G - M
  3. N - S
  4. T - Z
  5. Last all for those that may have missed their name


Grade 12              Tuesday June 6
        7:30 am         MHS Library

Grades 6 - 8         Friday June 16
        7:45 am        MMS Library

Grades 9 - 11       Monday June 19
        7:30 am        MHSE Technology Office

AP Student Device Pickup

AP Students         Thurs. June 22 & Fri. June 23
        All day           MHSE Tech Office

MHS Open Collection
Any MHS student that is not using their iPad and would like to return it now may do so by bringing the device, charger, and cases to the tech shop in the MHS East building at any time before the scheduled collection day.

Step 2

Wait to be called to the collection site.

What to Return/Costs

 Device Cost
iPad $250
Gray Smart Case $50
Black Padded Sleeve $25
Charging Block  $20
Charging Cable  $20
 MacBook Air  $700
 Laptop Charger $80
 Charger Extension Cord $20

Package  Cost
iPad Package (iPad, Case, Sleeve, Charger cable and block) $350
MacBook Air Package (Laptop, Sleeve, Charger, Extension cable)$800 

Missing Items

If individual items are missing when returning your devices, the family will be charged the cost of the missing items only from the chart labeled "Device."  If nothing is returned, the family will be charged the cost of the entire package from the chart labeled "Package."

What if I Can't Attend?

A student that cannot attend the collection day can bring their equipment to the technology office where a technician will take them through the return process.

Technicians will be at each Senior marching practice to collect devices and go through the return process.

Technicians will be seeking out those students that have not checked in at a collection day or did not return their devices.

Bills for any missing equipment will be mailed on June 27.  
Step 3

Work with a tech to check your device and finish the paperwork!

Return Process

The return process will look very similar in middle school and high school.

Students will be called to the collection location by the office (see collection dates).

At the door, students will be checked in. 

The student will be asked to go to a table where a technician will check for damage to all equipment being returned.  The technician will also compare the items being returned to the list of items signed out by the student when he/she picked up their device.

If there is intentional damage or missing parts, a bill will be created and mailed on June 27.

MHS AP Students

All AP students will turn in their iPad equipment at the MHS collection day event. Technicians will check the device for damage and have the student complete a form to acknowledge what they are taking home.

Summer devices (11" Chromebook) will be distributed on June 22 and 23 from the MHSE Tech Shop.  

Any iPad not turned in will result in a bill for the amount listed above and mailed on June 27.

A list of all missing devices will be given to the York County Sheriff's on Friday July 7, 2017.