Lyman Academic Alliance Team

RSU #57 Parent and Community Involvement Vision
  1. High quality education of all RSU 57 learners is recognized to be a shared responsibility among families, community and the school system.
  2. Parents are partners with learners and staff in developing & supporting quality learning experiences for their children.
  3. Many diverse members of our community contributed to the RSU 57 mission, values, vision.
  4. All community stakeholders understand, and support our vision for customized learning for all learners.
  5. Businesses and other community organizations provide real-world learning experiences & valuable mentoring for our learners.
  6. Continuous communication maintains the bonds between the school system and its community.
A Vision for RSU #57’s System of Learning
Spring 2012
Green = 13/14 Focus Areas for the Parent Forum

Outside Forces Affecting our Work

 Positive Forces Negative Forces
Abundance of clear information
Very caring, involved people
Willingness to work together and understand the new learning system
Technology: social media
Lack of clear information
Lack of participation
Limited amount of time
Understanding the transition to the new learning system
Technology: social media
Rumors and Assumptions

2013/2014 Goals
  1. Clear homework guidelines
  2. Consistent and timely communication both within and about our school community
  3. Clearly defined parent roles in supporting student learning
  4. List of outside learning opportunities aligned to RSU 57 learning targets

Action Steps
Action steps were created as the last step of our meeting.  These action steps will be finalized by a group of parents and staff that will be meeting in September and throughout the year to keep this action plan alive.