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School Nurse
Karen Utgard, RN, BSN, NCSN
Tel. (207) 247-6121 ext. 4005:  Fax: (207) 247-8621

Asthma Action Plan
Medication Permission Form

Sports Physical Form

Massabesic Middle School has a full-time registered nurse available daily from 7 AM-2:30 PM. 

       Some general things the nurse can do:

  • check your child’s temperature.  If it is over 100, you will be called for dismissal
  • check your child’s throat & ears.  A nurse cannot diagnose strep throat or ear infections but can help you determine if a doctor’s appointment is advisable
  • Clean and cover minor cuts with basic bandages and antibacterial ointment
  • Provide ice for new bumps, strains, sprains and breaks.  A nurse cannot diagnose a sprain or break but can help you determine if a doctor’s appointment is advisable
  • Provide first aid
  • Listen to your child’s heart, lungs, belly, and check your child’s blood pressure for problem findings
  • Give medications that have been provided by you- the parent or guardian- as long as you have signed a permission form and have a health care provider’s prescription
  • Examine your child for signs of illness (rash, infections, etc.).  Your child will NEVER  be asked to disrobe but may show skin on belly, back, arms and lower legs if he/she or you want something checked
       Some things the nurse cannot do:
  • Make a diagnosis or prescribe treatment/ medication
  • Give medication without your written permission & health care provider permission
  • Give cough drops (unless the medication administration policy has been followed)
  • Provide snacks or drinks (except water)- your child will be sent to the cafeteria for these items and will be charged for purchaseSome general things the nurse can do: