Guidance Department

The mission of the RSU 57 School Counseling Program is to foster a collaborative environment in which we serve as advocates for all students. Our comprehensive programs provide students with the best possible opportunities to acquire the academic, career, and social/emotional skills necessary to be successful in the global community.
MHS Counselors

Susan Mulcahy
Grades 9-10: A - K

Deborah Curtis
Grade 11: A - K
Grade 12: A - Da, P - Z

Eric Ouellette
Guidance Department Head
ABELS Program Students
SUCCESS Program Students

Kayla Schutte
Grade 11: L - Z
Grade 12: De - O

Marianne Tozier
Grades 9-10: L - Z

Administrative Assistant
Amanda Cormier

Mary Porter

Massabesic High School CEEB Code: 201063