Welcome to your Sixth Grade Team

January 22-January 26
NWEA Testing - Monday - Math, Tuesday - Language Arts, and Wednesday - Science 
Thursday and Friday will be used for makeups.   Please be sure to eat a good breakfast and get lots of sleep the night before.   


The Sabattus Team dance is scheduled for February 15, Thursday.  You should be receiving a letter home about the dance next week.    We will be looking for donations of baked goods, decorations, etc.  


Here is a great resource for parents and students on Digital Citizenship

You should check it out - great articles and resources.

Please be sure that you are checking your child's EDUCATE/EMPOWER accounts on a weekly basis.  The students have been advised to do this as well.  They need to make sure that they are checking the individual workbooks for each subject.   Once they look at their workbook, they will have a clear picture of what they need to work on.  

2017-2018 Maine Student Book Award Winner 

Roller Girl

by Victoria Jamieson

with 447 votes
2nd: Fish in a Tree
    by Linda Mullaly Hunt
3rd: The War that Saved my Life
         by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley




Dakota Bowman   12/5

Tianna Tarasevic   12/13

Stephen Johnson   12/14

Kevin LaPanne   12/16

Naomi Roy           12/18

Samantha Colwell   12/21

Aria LeBoeuf   12/30   


Kyle Cimolonski    1/4

Ella Donovan       1/4

Thayden Lawrence   1/11

Ruthie Bouchard       1/16

Maya Beneszewski  1/20

Jonathan Kneeland    1/24


Mayalynn Daniels    2/4

Kaleigh Crooks Faulkingham   2/9

Sarah Stevens   2/9

Jack Fournier     2/12

Caleb Binette     2/13

Dalton Turner   2/20

Gianna Thibeault   2/25


 Jacob Cote     3/3

Makenzie Seward   3/6

Landon LaRose      3/9

Leah Johnson     3/10

Cassandra Parent  3/13

Jenna Buda       3/14

Brady Ridley   3/16

Landyn Swindler  3/24

Jordan Colpritt-Guillemette   3/26

Donny Taylor   3/31

Please see EMPOWER

District Calendar