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Adult Education

The MSAD 52 Adult and Community Education Program has been a leader in the development of assistance and support programs for adult learners seeking to continue their education. Serving the towns of Leeds, Greene, and Turner and surrounding rural communities the program is highly individualized, has an open entry and exit format, and provides educational counseling support to learners as they overcome obstacles that block continuing education aspirations. The MSAD 52 community has supported Adult Education since 1979. 

Our doors are always open to those who want to continue their education. We welcome YOU!

 "Never underestimate that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Mead

The MSAD 52 Adult Education Program provides:

The MSAD 52 District Diploma, a 20 credit credential, designed to successfully launch graduates into work, college and training programs
HiSet® preparation and testing
Post-Secondary preparation courses
Tutoring, classes, and credit by objective
Academic Summer School
Computer training
Certificate Programs
Family Literacy - Youth Reading and Math tutoring
ESOL classes
Driver Education training
Enrichment classes for all ages
Summer Programs for Children and Adults

Adult Education News:

  • Wednesday Afternoon After the morning briefing drill instructor attempted to teach these educators  to March.  (Recruits learn quickly not to refer to themselves, they are no longer individuals, but part of a team) these educators failed miserably.  You might not think matching is a big deal, but it is very difficult to walk in cadence and sync with 40 people, marching with those people proved almost impossible.  Then you add to the mix the need to shout whatever drill instructor says, and just found myself tripping over my own feet.We got to see the incredibly close quarters in which recruits live and heard the new drill instructor speech. Lunch time with a recruit.We marched from the barracks to chow hall ...
    Posted Mar 31, 2016, 7:20 PM by Bryan Brito
  • Answers Before I enter the events of the day I wanted to take some time to respond to the questions posted.  1.  Do you still think you are going to survive? Whether or not I will survive is till an open question.  As you no doubt noticed I have taken a bit more risk than is my norm, but I do not believe that the training will kill me.  In fact if there is anything that worries me it is THE PAIN in now feel in every muscle of my body.  Today we ran about 10 miles... I am beat.        2.  How is the food?The food is fantastic, and there is a lot of it.  However the average recruit has ...
    Posted Mar 31, 2016, 6:55 PM by Bryan Brito
  • A Recruit in Action! Here is Bryan repelling from "THE TOWER."Here is Bryan working on his Sharpshooter skills!
    Posted Mar 31, 2016, 1:46 PM by
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