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RSU 50 Special Education Staff 

Lynn Rush - RSU 50 Special Education Director  lynnrush@rsu50.org

Jo-Anna Merry - Katahdin K-6 Sp. Ed Teacher  jmerry@rsu50.org

Sandra McNally -Katahdin K-6 Sp. Ed Teacher smcnally@rsu50.org

Daphne Nason - SACS K-3 Sp. Ed Teacher dnason@rsu50.org

Janet Vose - SACS 4-6 Sp. Ed Teacher jvose@rsu50.org

Brittney Brewer - SACS 7-9 Sp. Ed Teacher bbrewer@rsu50.org

Laurie Libby - Katahdin 7-9 Sp. Ed Teacher llibby@rsu50.org

Mel Cullins - Katahdin 10-12 Sp. Ed Teacher mcullins@rsu50.org

Karen Parker - SACS 10-12 Sp. Ed Teacher kparker@rsu50.org