Here are some tips from Mrs. Hall's 3/4 READ 180 class on what to do in the moment you are bullied and what problems bullying can lead to.  The class has been studying bullying and its effects for the past couple of months.

N.M. says:
"Avoid the bully.  If the bully follows you, get a teacher.  But the risk is that the bully might seek you out."

H.B. says:
"I think you should walk away and be calm.  If you don't, you will be bullied more."

S.L. says:
"Tell an adult to make the bullying stop.  Then you can deal with the problem with the teacher."

C.H. says:
"One way to stop bullying is to use humor to catch the bully off guard."

S.T. says:
"Bullying can lead to problems such the bully saying to did something that you did not, and then you get in trouble."

N.P. says:
"At recess, you can go to a place where the bully isn't at."

E.D. says:
"You can ignore the bully and walk away."

E.J. says:
"Bullying can lead to problems such as getting injured, feeling sad, and frustrated."

A.M. says:
"If you get bullied, you might feel like not wanting to come to school."

M.E. says:
"One problem is that a bully might gossip about you or a friend."

C.L. says:
"Bullying can lead to problems such as  hurt feelings and being embarrassed to talk."