Welcome to the math site!  Bookmark this page to access important documents, links to videos and blog entries, and other resources relating to K-6 math instruction at RSU5.   


From time to time, I will post instructional or informational videos in this section that may be important for your math teaching and reporting.  Please check regularly for new videos, as they may include important updates to our instructional practices and online resources.  Here are the latest videos:

October   2015: Change Evaluation Scale

 December 2015: Assessment Spreadsheet Instructional Video

   February   2016: Accessing MOYA results using ConnectED (Optional)


Dan Meyer is a high school math teacher from San Diego who had a TED talk a number of years ago that went viral.  Most of his lessons are for grades 6-8, but he has begun to throw in some elementary lessons into the mix.  How can we incorporate this kind of "hook" and engagement into our EM4 lessons?  Have a look:

Dan Meyer's 3 Act Lessons

If you haven't been there for a while, check out the Virtual Learning Community and see what resources are there you might be able to utilize.  There are unit webinars, lesson videos and Q+A groups for teachers to network with the EM authors and each other:

Virtual Learning Community

2016 MEA Released Items