RSU 5 Professional Certification

RSU 5 teachers -

It is your responsibility to review the "
RSU5 Certification Plan" and forms and understand how to maintain your professional certificate.

Your building representatives maintain a file for everyone who works under a professional, provisional or conditional teaching certificate from the State of Maine.

Please be sure your reps have:
  • a copy of your current certificate.
  • a copy of your current signed TCRP/ TAP.
  • documentation of activities towards meeting your current recertification goals.
Follow this link to pdf files of the Plan, forms, and a special advice page - How to Write a Plan (which includes FAQ's).

If you have ANY questions, contact your building representative via their RSU5 email address or through their school mailbox.

MAINE DOE is in the process of creating a web-based recertification portal. It is not operational yet. Those with teaching certificates expiring in 2017 have been granted a one-year waiver for recertification. Your building reps will have more information as it becomes available.

Building Representatives for 2017-18

 DCS Beth Daniels    
 Robert Simmons
 Karin Kurry   
 David Smail (secretary)
 FMS Joe Cormier    
 Jody Rose
 MLSLaurie AllenTom McKibben
 MSS Becky Billings    
 Anne-Marie Spizzuoco (chair)
 PESJamie Palmer  
Linda Woodard
Cynthia Alexander 
Contact your building representative by using the RSU5 e-mail address or through their school mailbox.

2017-18 meeting schedule 
*The Professional Certification Committee (PCC) meets on the first Thursday of each month. 
*During that time we review files and sign forms.
*Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be at Freeport High School (room 308) at 3:45pm
  • September 7     (at Morse St. School)
  • October 5          (welcome new hires!) 
  • November 2 
  • December 7 
  • January 5 
  • February 1
  • March 1
  • April 5
  • May 3
  • June 7       (Welcome new building reps!)