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posted Nov 25, 2013, 4:05 PM by wescottj@rsu5.org   [ updated Nov 27, 2013, 5:39 AM ]
The MLTI issued Apple ID becomes your property at deployment. You will retain the account with all of its apps, and data long after you turn in your iPad or even graduate from high school; these can be used as ID's for other IOS devices; and families may purchase Apps, Music and movies if they so choose. While being used at school it is very important that you remember your password. If forgotten you need to attempt to recover the account by first trying to reset it via security questions or rescue email. If after that point you are unsuccessful at resetting your access- you or your parents will need to contact AppleCare phone support. 

Legally Apple cannot surrender the account to school personnel (like the computer techs) because the account may contain personal information, backups of your docs and apps and possibly credit card numbers.

As easy as new Apple ID's are to create it is important that you recover the MLTI Apple ID because all the preloaded apps are linked to that account —when updates appear you may be prompted to enter a password for that account.

1) [ON YOUR IPAD] From iCloud Settings or iTunes & App Store —select "Forgot Apple ID or Password?", or 

    [ON YOUR IPAD or COMPUTER] Go to https://appleid.apple.com/ > "Reset your Password"

2) Assuming you personalized the account, type in your MLTI Issued Apple ID. Then proceed to the next page
[If you do not know what you changed your prefix@mlti.net account to -please see the computer tech in room 247.]

3) Next you will be asked how you want to recover account...
This will send an email to the address that was entered in as the rescue email.

- When the account was created it would have asked you to verify the the email. IF the email was never verified then it is possible that this method will not work.

- If you were under 13 y/o then the rescue email is probably a parent or guardians.
You will be asked 2 of three questions that were entered in during the creation of the account.

- You will be prompted for your birthday, before you are presented with the questions.

- During recovery make sure you mock the answer as best as you can, same spelling, spacing, punctuation and capitalization may be factors in the reset.

- If parents setup the account they may have answered the questions as themselves, take that into consideration.

-Too many attempts at answering the questions wrong will lock the account for a few hours, I would not do more than three times.

If one of the above procedures fails try the other.

4) Did it work?
- If so, follow the instructions presented by Apple to continue resetting the password.

- If not, You will need to talk with a representative of AppleCare. Please use the following number to get ahold of the Education Line... 1-800-919-2775 (use member number 46584). Be sure to explain that this account is part of the MLTI State of Maine Education program, also inform them that you have attempted to reset the password using the rescue email and/or security questions.