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MLTI Accessories Policy


if you want more precision to interact with design software or another way to control your cursor you can purchase a wireless or USB mouse from most office or electronic stores.

provide ways to share documents or save copies of your files incase your computer malfunctions.

External cases are now allowed on the MLTI laptops. Cases must be of the “snap-on” kind NOT adhesive skins. We do 'encourage/recommend' cases to have some protection and may protect from minor drops (example: STM Dux Rugged Case for MacBook Air)


» If the students label is covered... an alternate identifier must be put in the same location, permanent marker or a mailing label is sufficient (original label must not be removed). Some cases may be able to be cut through to allow a window.

» We do not permit permanent adhesives to be directly attached to the laptop or any of the MLTI equipment. Bumper or paper stickers are not allowed unless they are attached to the exterior of a case.

» Although some cases can add protection they can also add more weight to the laptop and to become imbalanced when opened or stress the hinge over time. Additionally some cases may restrict some airflow. Apple may not cover some repairs that are caused from cases like a loose hinge. » If the case or added stickers include graphical content that is not allowed the student may be asked to remove it. » A laptop with a case must still be able to fit into the carry tred sleeve.

If you want to have an additional adapter to use with your laptop it must be an Apple adapter or a company with certified with Apple. An uncertified product may damage the laptop which will not be covered by Apple Care.

At collection the original deployed adapter must be turned back in, If the adapter is replaced an Apple branded adapter must replace the damaged or lost one.


Keyboard protectors are not allowed as they can make the screen dirty, as well as block airflow, sound and the illuminated keyboard.