Welcome to FMS technology support!
Freeport Middle School is a community of 300+ students ranging from 6th to 8th grade. In partnership with the State's Technology Initiative we offer a revolutionary technology program that provides all students and teachers with a personal laptop device suppling them with the tools that encourage our students' to expand on their skills in technology integration, developing research, typing and other skill-sets  that keep them in touch with the rapidly changing technologies of the 21st century.

Located in Room 247 is the Technology Support Office, which is a walk-in, or email support service for students and staff of RSU 5. Hours are normally 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday but the technician may commonly be called away to other schools at varying times of the day appointment via email is highly recommended.

Typical Services
  • Email Support
  • 1-to-1 School Issues Repair and Support
  • Printing
  • PowerSchool Login Help
  • Projector and Building asset Maintenance
  • Application and Website Assistance


Laptops stay at school over most school vacations for updates, repairs and to give students a proper vacation away from technology. Devices are usually detained several days before the vacation and stay in the students BCS classroom or first period. All charging equipment needs to be present so that they may be recharged for the next school day. Homework that is assigned during the detain period and vacation will not involve the school issued technology.

DEC 20 - JAN 3 [December Holiday]
FEB 15 - FEB 27 [Mid-Winter Break]
APR 12 - APR 24 [Spring Break]
JUN ? [End of Year]

Students that fail to bring in laptops or do not have adapters when the take home freeze occurs are subject to restricted use or other disciplinary actions appointed by the administration.

We invite students to submit a sample of their artistic skill for submission to the MLTI Student Artwork Competition (thru January 17th). 
Now on its eighth year —the state has been selecting artwork from 20 outstanding submissions created by students like you in Maine schools. 


WHAT CAN BE SUBMITTED? Painting of any type, drawing (pen, pencil, etc), picture of a 3D creation/sculpture, digitally created picture, or photograph. It can be something you created for a school project, made months ago or just for this competition.

» Must be landscape (wider than it is tall, sideways)
» In photographs, bodies or back of heads are allowed —no distinguishable faces
» Artwork will be scored on a rubric taking into consideration three factors ...includes good demonstration of visual design principles ...ability to engage ...skill level

REWARDS. Selected artists will receive free membership to the student technology conference in the spring.

Your artwork will be featured in the halls of the State House, will be formed into a screen saver available for over 45,000 students and teachers to download to their mlti devices or desktop, and posted to the MLTI website.

HOW TO SUBMIT. Present your work to Mr. Wescott or Ms. Bubar before then end of school on Jan 17th (two weeks from today). We can help with scanning or taking pictures of non digital content.

RSU 5 HAS A AMAZING TALENT POOL! Last year one of our submissions was chosen as well as four students from Freeport High School ...making RSU 5 students' 25% of the selected winners!

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