Falcon Outlet Senior Feature
by the Falcon Outlet Staff

We would like to recognize the Falcon Outlet senior staff members who have made the Outlet what it is today with their strong writing and dedication to the paper. 

We wish them well on their next adventures and thank them for all of their contributions.

Teachers Moving On - Ms. Massey
by Jasmine Olins

It is bittersweet when a teacher such as Ms. Massey, who has inspired countless students and has been involved in the school for 17 years, decides to retire. Although Ms. Massey will no longer hold a presence in our school, the students will continue to be inspired by her teachings and ideas. In addition, the many clubs she has run and started will continue. These groups include Model United Nations, Amnesty International, Mock Trial, and World Quest which has won the state championship four times. In addition she teaches Global Studies to the entire freshman class and Topics (which includes Model UN), and Contemporary Global Issues, both senior electives.

Here is what Ms. Massey has to say about her experiences at FHS:

Favorite Memories:  There are so many - with both students and faculty and staff.  I loved the Brunswick Scavenger Hunt during one of my first years at Freeport - great way to get to know the faculty.  Read More

Ingrid Michaelson 

Lights Out // Cabin 24 Records


by Meredith Saunders

Indie-pop singer, Ingrid Michaelson, released her newest album on April 15. I first listened to Lights Out while driving home from a week of college visits. As the forest-lined roadside sped by, Michaelson's quirky, upbeat lyrics brightened the damp evening. Her whimsical vocals filled the car as raindrops peppered the windows. Lights Out is unique; Michaelson recorded the album in three cities and collaborated with eleven artists. The shift from her previous work is evident. Piano chords replace ukulele strums. Deep rhythms replace feathery melodies. Fortunately, Michaelson still includes her signature, endearingly odd, lyrics. In the album's hit track, "Boys Chase Girls," Michaelson sings, "I'm a little let down but I'm not dead... I got two hands, one beating heart. And I'll be alright..." On her Facebook page, 

Read More

Host an AFS Student

In the past few years, Freeport High School has brought many exchange students from all over the world: Italy, Pakistan, Chile, Germany, Norway and Mongolia. Many of these students have been from the American Field Service (AFS) program, the most popular exchange program used throughout the world in hundreds of countries. So now is your chance to host one! Read through these bios of international AFS kids coming to Maine, and consider bringing them to Freeport. Learn a new culture, a new language, and share your culture with someone new.

If you're interested, please contact Local AFS Coordinator Gigi Leonard: gandd.leonard@gmail.com

Silence Speaks: Day of Silence at Freeport High School

By Erik Ly

On Friday, April 11th, 2014,  more than 100 FHS students took a very special pledge: For an entire school day, they would remain silent. So began the 2014 National of Day of Silence, a day of action that aims to bring social awareness to oppressed minorities. By remaining silent, hallways and classrooms would seem a little quieter, prompting dialogue about the silence of those who are oppressed: people who are bullied or censored because of their gender expression, sexuality, race, ethnicity, belief systems, etc.  Read More

Tutu Tuesday
by Ryder Bennell

If one were to walk through the halls of Freeport High school, there is no doubt that he or she may discover some interesting fashion trends: yoga paints paired with Jcrew oxford shirts and bean boots. Camo hats, coats, vests, and boots. Even billowing trench coats. But a tutu?

Every Tuesday morning, Junior Virginia Fullagar jumps out of bed (maybe cartwheels) and dresses in tights with her signature tutus. 

Lorde, Almighty!
by Katie McClelland

On March 19th, the New Zealand born artist Lorde came to the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts on the first tour of her career. She's known mostly for her hits, 'The Love Club' and 'Royals', which reigned this summer on the top charts and the radio (though was perhaps overplayed). Though most of her songs have the same slow, deep beat and synth, they are written about her life, growing up, and her fascination with aristocracy and royals. She's only seventeen, but performs and writes with an air of quirky maturity. Read More

A Few End of the Year "FAQs"

When is the last day of school?

Currently the last day of school is scheduled for Thursday, June 19. However, if there is another snow daywhich, let's be honest, is quite possible seeing as we live in Mainethat will change.

When are finals?

For everyone other than seniors, finals are Monday, June 16 through Thursday, June 19.

How come the seniors get to leave early?

Because they're seniors! They have senior projects, marching practice, senior week festivities, and graduation!

What are Senior Projects?

Senior Projects are an opportunity for seniors to do or learn more about something they love, and possibly hope to pursue in the future, while giving back to the community in some way. This happens during a period of 3-4 weeks followed by a week of presentations. If you're lucky your teachers will take you to watch them!

Winter Weekend at Bowdoin With Dostoevsky
By Lily Kolle

Last Saturday, March 7th, Mr. Nolan, senior Nick Nelsonwood, and I attended the second half of an event at Bowdoin College in Brunswick known as the "Winter Weekend." This year marked the seventeenth consecutive year of the Winter Weekend, put on by the Maine Humanities Council. Every year a different classic novel is chosen and read by participants prior to the March weekend. Professors are brought in from prestigious universities and colleges to talk about the book or a related subject in front of the approximately 150 audience members on Saturday, and a traditional dinner is held on the preceding Friday. Read More

Senior Project Changes and Updates for 2014
By Julie Fosburg

The Staff and students of Freeport High School are impatiently waiting to hear the outcome of whether or not senior projects will cause senior finals to be the same week as AP exams.

At Freeport High School, it is a tradition for seniors to do a final senior project. Senior projects take place during the month of May and seniors are given 3 or 4 weeks to complete them. "We're providing our seniors with an opportunity," said Joe Heathco, a math teacher who has been teaching at Freeport for 17 years. "We're trying to teach them to be independent and to explore something. We want them to take advantage of the opportunity." Read More

Last Man Standing
by Outlet Staff

Have you ever been sitting on the couch at night, bored and wondering what to do? Maybe you've turned on the TV and you can't find a thing to watch!  Well, Last Man Standing is worth a try.  It's a great show for anyone.

It is about a family of five, the Baxters. The Dad, Mike is the co-owner of "Outdoor Man" a store similar to Cabella's. Mike, and his wife, Vanessa, have three girls, but Mike doesn't always know how to handle all these girls and also maintain his "manliness," something that is extremely important to Mike.

Read More

by Meredith Saunders
Nearly fifty years ago,on February 7, 1964, Pan Am Flight 101 landed in New York City. Among its passengers were John Lennon, George
Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. Four thousand fans greeted theBeatles as they took their first steps on American soil. A fifteen day whirlwind followed. The Beatles made their first live television appearances. . In honor of their first days in America, I have compiled a list of weird Beatles facts:
Fifteen facts for fifteen days in the U.S. Read More

Valentines Day: Not So Sweet After All
By Katie O'Neil

Valentine’s Day, however one may feel about it, is understood to be a celebration of a Christian Saint; Saint Valentine. He is said to be a doer of good deeds and a believer of love. This could all be true and dandy, but there are other things that make good old February 14th a significant day and may contribute to why we celebrate today. An article by NPR recently shared with readers insight into the history of our day of love. Read More

FHS Reaction To The Superbowl 
By Katie McClelland 

I went into the game having the feeling that the Seahawks would win, but originally I thought it would be a neck to neck game where they would just sneak by with an amazing win. However, after sitting through most of the game, I found my prediction to be wrong. After the second quarter with the Seahawks up by a lot I started to tune out a bit because I figured they had the win in the bag. I then turned to feeling sympathy for the Broncos and that's basically how the rest of my night went. As for my opinion of this being an "American holiday", I feel as though it's not really. Us Americans are big on sports and being competitive with each other so I just feel as though the Super Bowl, although I love it, is just another excuse to show off.

I went on a date with my girlfriend, thinking that since everybody would be watching the Super Bowl, Brunswick would be empty. The movie theaters were empty and the restaurants were bare. For the first time in my life, I didn't have to wait in line at Gelato Fiasco.

Overall I love the game of football. I love watching it and I love playing it. I was so excited for the Super Bowl this year because it was the number 1 offense going against the number 1 defense and it was supposed to be such a great game. However even though I was rooting for the Seahawks and love football I found myself pretty bored especially when it was like 33-0 or something like that. Still though it was nice having all my friends there and being able to hang out with them and bond over some really unhealthy food and football. Read More

Maine Skier Takes Russia 
By Lily Kolle

Maine's sole representative in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, will be 26-year-old Russell Currier. Currier is a Caribou native who graduated in 2006 from his local Caribou High School and frequented the Maine Winter Sports Center. Currier is a biathlete, which is a combination target shooting and cross-country skiing sport, and he will be competing in a minimum of three events in this year's Olympics. Read More 

Students Express Their Love For Engineering 
By Nick Nelsonwood

Why did four students choose to take on a real world engineering project that was bound to take a long time and have innumerable challenges? "For the love of engineering and problem solving," the "room for innovation" and to prove it is possible to do big things even in high school. Read More

Fiona's Musings
By Fiona Harbert
Does anyone else thing that it's slightly strange that we still pledge allegiance to our country and God every morning?

Has anyone noticed that Mr. Nolan's baby and the Royal Baby were both announced in the same manner?

Has anyone ever felt anything besides luke-warm air coming out of the heaters?

     Read More

Smelting: A First Timer's Perspective
By Katie O'Neil 

Your average Joe who has lived in Maine for over fifteen years would probably know something about the world of fishing. It seems to be a pretty popular activity. There are quite a few songs with “catchy” lines (fishing pun intended) like ‘Bait a Hook,’ ‘Catch All the Fish,’ ‘Bad Day of Fishin,’ ‘Just Fishin,’ and ‘Fishin’ in the Dark.’ It’s unclear if all these songs are strictly about fishing or just cleverly metaphorical but it’s definitely a popular theme in the country world. Read More 

Bugg Infestation: Jake Bugg Plays Beantown
By Meredith Saunders

He doesn’t look up as I thrust the tickets on top of the records he’s already holding. Raindrops pepper the paper as he whisks an illegible signature across the first ticket. 

“I think you need a new sharpie,” someone jokes. He laughs and signs the second ticket.

“Thank you, Jake,” I murmur as he places the tickets back in my palm. He doesn’t look up. 

Technology and Tegucigalpa
By Katie McClelland

Maine is very privileged to have a technology program in many schools across the state.  Every student gets either an iPad or a laptop from grades 7-8 and in some districts in other grades, with the intention that it will give them a head-start into the technological age and aid with current studies. From Swedes to Central Americans, many other schools outside the USA have been interested in these programs and have come to our school to learn more about them. This year, it was time to take it to them.

Laura Girr, Freeport High Schools' technology integrator and 4 other Maine educators, traveled to Tegucigalpa, Honduras for several days in October to lead a teacher training with the Maine International Center for Digital Learning. Read More

Nordic Preview
by Lizzy Martin

This year the Freeport nordic ski team is led by coaches Joel Hinshaw and Heather Zimmerman. The girls team this year is very small; there are only six team members. The boys team has twelve competitors. There are many new, talented freshmen boys who are a great addition to the team, and of course, many returning upperclassmen including captain Nick Nelsonwood. 

The girls team is led by captains Lily LaMarre and Emma Egan. Read More

TED Talks: A Unique Education in Technology, Entertainment and Design
By Ryder Bennell  

Many of us are familiar with the popular lecture-like program 
known as TED. Yet how many of you can say that you've been to one of these events as an audience member? Three Sundays ago, I had the privilege of attending the TEDx Dirigo gala at the Frontier in Brunswick, Maine, and boy, was it insightful.

For those who aren't as familiar with the program, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. They are a non-profit organization that features ideas worth spreading. Presenters of these talks can be anyone from an engineer to a fashion designer.

Read More

Catching Fire: A Review
by Jasmine Olins

Catching Fire, the sequel to Suzanne Collins's highly successful The Hunger Games, has proved to be just as horrifying, breathtaking, emotional, and action-packed as the first. Following the stories of Katniss and Peeta, who are thrown into the Hunger Games for the second consecutive year, Catching Fire held the audience in a trance from the beginning to the end. It managed to bring the audience to the edge of their seats, cause them to bellow with laughter, hold back tears, and scream with fear all at the same time. Read More 

Moonlight Madness....A Fun Run

On Thursday night at 11:45 Freeport Interact Club hosted a mile run in Downtown Freeport.  

Meet Savita

by Katie O'Neil

Many people have been lucky enough to get to know Savita from Pakistan, who is attending FHS this year. She is ready to share any information you want to know about her country. Also, she has been giving us a taste of her culture by painting henna tattoos on students and faculty.

Savita is from a town called Gilgit which is in the north of Pakistan. It’s a beautiful, mountainous region with a chilly climate. Her school in Pakistan is very large: there are fifty kids to a classroom (and the classrooms are the same size as ours!). After school, she attends a religious school.She is a Aga Khani Muslim, and attends classes for her particular sect. However, she goes to her daytime school with all different sects of Muslims, as well as Hindus and Christians.  Read More 

Quack Quack
by Emily Johnson

Just because hunting season will wrap up this month doesn't mean that your interactions with hunting must come to an end. Stay in the season of hunting by watching Duck Dynasty! Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show that features the Robertson family and their family-run business, that has left them with a considerable sum of money.

​Phil, the patriarch, now presides over a family of three generations. As a college football player, Phil started over Terry Bradshaw, but in his senior year decided to quit the sport because it took away from his hunting time. Over time he created a company called Duck Commander that has become famous for making duck calls.

Read More

The World Series Report

by Elizabeth Kolle

The Boston Red Sox have become one of the most successful teams in recent history--and they've always been one of the most popular. Since the beginning of the new century, the BoSox have been in the October Classic three times, sweeping away their opponents twice. 

Of course, in 2004, the Sox broke the 86-year Curse of the Bambino by winning four straight games against the same team--the St. Louis Cardinals--that they battled in this 2013 World Series. Following the heartbreak of 2003's "Cowboy Up" team, the '04 Sox turned their rather unimpressive first half of the season around following the infamous July brawl between then-Sox captain and catcher Jason Varitek and the ever-controversial Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. In the ALCS (American League Championship Series) that year, the Sox became the only team ever to come back from down three games to zero to win the best of seven series. They did it in extra innings with daring stolen bases, walkoff homers, and against the best closer the game of baseball has ever seen, Mariano Rivera. 

Read More

Reducing Sexism and Violence Program Retreat
By Dehlia Mitchell-Gray 

What causes violence and sexism towards men and women? Through a variety of activities, these questions were answered at the RSVP retreat. Read More 

Mom's Pea Soup
By Elizabeth Kolle

Many people have that favorite meal, the hot dinner they want to come home to after a long, cold winter day. It's the meal that's perfect to eat while sitting next to the fire and watching your favorite movie or show. So, while there are many good ones out there, I'd have to say that my mom's pea soup is my favorite. Read More

New Teachers Join the Faculty at FHS
By Katie O'Neil


This year Freeport High has had some new additions to the faculty. We all loved Mrs. LaForge, Mr. Amory, and Mr. Tilton but these new teachers bring their own experiences and interests and with it a new excitement as well. 

From Coastal Spain to the Turkish Capital: Katies O’Neil and McClelland See the World 
By Katie McClelland and Katie O'Neil

An analysis of time spent abroad in Turkey and Spain, and how two countries so far away can share both similarities and differences with the United States.  Read More

Freeport Girl is Changed by Service Trip to Kenya
By Devin Robinson

Over the summer, Lilly Smith, a junior from Freeport, went with the Friends of Kakamega Quaker mission group on a trip to Kenya. Read More

Girls Varsity Soccer: Mid-September Update
By Lizzy Martin and Emily Johnson 

The Falcons currently stand with a 2 and 2 record, losing to Cape Elizabeth and Yarmouth, and winning against Sacopee and Wells. Freeport is led by senior captains Brooke Heathco and Ashley Richardson and junior captains Emily Johnson and Alyssa Richardson.

Deutschland, Deutschland
by Devin Robinson

Junior Erik Ly arrived home in June from spending a year abroad in Goslar, Germany. Erik traveled with Rotary Youth Exchange, which is operated by Rotary International. 

The organization allows students to study abroad in countries all over the world. Although the students are placed into host families and spend a lot of time on their own, Rotary also organizes group trips and parties in order for the traveling students to spend some time together. "I don't think I would've survived the exchange without [Rotary] and the fellow exchange students," says Erik when asked about support from the Rotarians.  Read more
The Spain Report
By Natalie Jortner 

Natalie Jortner is living in Madrid, Spain for the year and attending a local high school. She will be checking in with the Falcon Outlet on a regular basis to share her impressions of life abroad.  Read More.

Mrs. Pummill Reflects on Years at FHS

by Meredith Saunders

For some people retirement is a time to start something new. It can also mean they stop everything and simply relax. For others, retirement gives them more time to do hobbies they might not have had time to do before. 

Mrs. Pummill, our long time administrative secretary, recalls her most memorable moments at FHS: "I have so many wonderful memories. It is really hard to pick one. The one that pops into my mind at the moment is when Mr. Ogilby and Mr. Dyhrberg  surprised me by singing to me my favorite John Berry song on my birthday. It was so much fun." 

Read More 

Keyboarding not Keyboarding

by Fiona Harbert

Now that class registration is in full swing, you’ve probably been noticing some interesting new electives. One of the ones that you will see on the list is “Keyboard Lab.” Unlike the word lab might suggest, this class does not have to do with computer science. The class is for anyone who wants to learn how to play the keyboard, an electronic piano. 

Keyboard lab was started at the beginning of the year by our school’s chorus teacher, Mrs. Kenlan, who has been wanting to teach the class since she began teaching at Freeport. She says that until this year, it was “never possible due to space, money, and scheduling.” This changed when Mr. Watts received a grant to make the class happen. Read More

Freeport High Alum Goes Viral
by Lily LaMarre

Circulating on nearly every social platform...Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - you name it - '#SELFIE' has hit the social trends with impeccable timing. For those of you who haven’t seen the video or heard the song, '#SELFIE' is a contagious club track both celebrating and satirizing the ‘selfie revolution.' '#SELFIE', created by The Chainsmokers and featuring vocals by Alexis Killacam, has been described as the next 'Harlem Shake' due to its sweeping popularity. The music video, which currently has .... Read More

FHS Students Attend Camden Conference To Expand Environmental Knowledge
By Ethan Roney
During February school vacation, Camden held its 27th
annual Camden Conference on the Global Politics of Food and Water. For the first time in its history, Freeport High School attended this conference. Students Ethan Pierce, Ethan Roney, and Shelby Sawyer led by teacher Ms. Massey went to a live streaming of the conference in a theater in Rockport from Friday the 21st to Sunday the 23rd. At this conference, there were many speakers talking about a number of different topics including biodiversity, oceans, Africa, and human costs of climate change.

First Openly Gay NFL Player: Michael Sam To Be Drafted
By Lily Kolle

The past few years have seen great strides made for the LGBT community, both in and out of the sports world. Jason Collins came out as the first gay NBA player, and although the Olympic Winter Games of 2014 were held in the notoriously anti-gay country of Russia, at least a half dozen athletes competed who are openly gay. Just this past week, Republican Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed a law that would have explicitly allowed businesses to refuse to serve gay people due to their religious beliefs, and last year the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was struck down by the Supreme Court, having been declared unconstitutional

FHS LibDub...A Great Success

On February 26th, Freeport High School took on a new spirit day activity: a lip dub. A lip dub is a music video in which the student body collectively lip syncs a popul
ar song. The lip dub travels though out the whole school and is filmed in one take with no editing. 

Wacky costumes, crazy dancing and a lot of lip synching was the final product of the lip dub. However, the planning is really what signified that hard work put into the lip dub from everyone. 

The idea for the activity was brought to the attention of FHS from English teacher, Becky Peterson. Peterson was knowledgeable on the subject because she was the mastermind of a successful lip dub at Brewer High School where she formerly worked.

A Look at the Yearbook....Through The Eyes Of Lee Brown
By Gabby Tilton

How many of you have thought about the work that goes into making the yearbook?  Did you know that there is a class of people that make the yearbook?  You might be thinking “Wow! That would be such an easy class.”  But here's the catch: it isn’t.  There is a lot of work that is put into making the yearbook. Read More

One Acts: Behind the Scenes
By Alisha Goldrup
From lighting to directing, these kids do it all. They use their time to rehearse and prepare for the One Act Festival. But just how much time does go into the One Acts? And how do other students feel about their fellow classmates running the entire show?
"The One-Act Drama program is one of only two drama programs in the state that produces student-written plays for entry into the annual Maine Principal's Association One-Act Drama Festival competition."  Students write, act, direct, and work lighting and sound. Of course teachers are there to help, but students run the show. Read More

Jeopardy Star 
by the Falcon Outlet 
Mr. Nolan’s friend Mark appeared on Jeopardy! in 2007. He sat down for an interview with the Falcon Outlet editorial board.

1.) Were your expenses paid in getting from NYC to LA  and then staying in LA?

No.  Jeopardy! (don't forget the "!" it's not just Jeopardy, it's Jeopardy!. Hear the difference?) is not in the business of charity or giving free rides; you need to pay your way if you want to play (unintentional rhyme). Fortunately right around the time of my taping I was in Las Vegas (studying!) so my travel expenses were minimal. When I made it to LA I stayed with one of my sisters which negated having to shell out for a hotel.  I feel I got one over on Jeopardy! on the point of personal expenditures. Read More

How Not to Make Toffee
By Emily Johnson and Jasmine Olins

Ya know when you just want to invite a friend over and spend some time in the kitchen making some sugary toffee? Thought so. Semi professional chefs Emily Johnson and Jasmine Olins advise you to take (or not take) these tips. Read More

Deck Out the Halls....
By Nick O'Connell

At Freeport high school every year on the day before February break we have a spirit day. It has been tradition to decorate the halls with class color to make your class look the best. However, it was in question at the beginning of this year, after last years decorating, whether or not this tradition would continue due to a variety of factors. Read More

WOTElings Unite
by Meredith Saunders
Lights flashed blue, white, red, purple across the stage. Hard, thick beats rose from a hidden drum set. Out they came. Four dark-haired men and a woman with shoulder length blonde waves. They were cute, each boasting a different hipster look--flannel button downs, a beanie with a pompom, desert boots, and Dr. Martens. I had high hopes for the night. I only knew two Walk off the Earth songs but that was ok because I loved those two songs. They were happy and summery and the perfect escape on a cold winter night. I was excited to dance and forget about the frigid, dark weather.

I soon realized this would not be the case. Read More

Sherlock: Back from the Dead
By Katie McClelland
Warning: Contains Spoilers!

It's back. After almost two years, on January 19th, the cult-favorite, "Sherlock", is finally making a reappearance on American television. For those of you who don't know, this television show is no ordinary Conan Doyle spin-off. This certain portrayal features British actors Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (John Watson) in modern-day London, solving modern-day crimes. Unlike the original stories that take place in the 1800s, Sherlock has iPhones and security cameras to aid him when solving crimes. For some reason, it's a big deal that this show is coming back. It's garnered a huge following. Perhaps this is because of the talented cast, perhaps because it's British, perhaps it's because of the artistic, movie-like episodes, or perhaps all three. Either way, it's a show you should be watching.

The West Wing: An Old Show With A New Relevancy
By Lily Kolle

The West Wing is not the newest and hottest show on television to start off the 2014 year. In fact, there haven't been new episodes produced since 2006; however, eight years later, it has been put onto Netflix for easy viewing. Read More

Senior Moments- Adam Brobst

1.) What is your favorite class from your first three years at FHS? Why? My favorite class from my first three years (sorry Mr. Nolan) was my sophomore English class with Mrs. Blier. We learned a lot but still had a lot of fun. 2.) What piece of advice do you have for freshmen who have just started their high school experiences? My advice would be to always be yourself, and as long as you keep doing your work, you'll do fine here. Also know this: a friend of mine once told Ms. Jensen she should be in a horror movie. She just laughed and said thank you 3.) As you enter your final year of high school, what memory stands out from the past 3 years? To be honest I can't think of one memory that sticks out to me. I have so many: some good, some bad- they all kind of run together like a slideshow in my head. But, gun to my head, I'd say that last day of finals of every year and how the sun feels on my face and the freedom that I can smell, knowing I have three months to do nothing, until the last two weeks when I cram all my summer homework 4.) What do you think is the best or most unique quality of Freeport High School? It’s a place where I've made so many friends and met some many great new people coming in as a scared little freshman and exiting as essentially the king of the school. 5.) What are your plans for the future? College and beyond? Well, I plan on going off to college although I am unsure of where yet- mostly it depends on who wants me. But then from there I'm looking to go into a communication and journalism program and then transition that into a job as a sports broadcaster. Also to quote one of my favorite broadcasters of all time, Jalen Rose, I plan on “giving the people what they want!”

Local Ice Hockey: A Yarmouth and Freeport Dilemma
By Emily Johnson

If you go down the road to Greely or Falmouth, hockey is a huge sport, similar to basketball at Freeport. The stands are always filled with fans, because hockey is a very good spectator sport. It's guaranteed to be action filled and exciting! Have you ever wondered why Freeport doesn't have a hockey team? They used to, but slowly the number of hockey players started decreasing and the program diminished. However, it's popularity in Freeport is slowly beginning to come back.
Recently the Freeport girls were accepted to combine with the Yarmouth girls ice hockey team to form a co-op team. This was a fairly easy process for the girls as Yarmouth, as Yarmouth's participation was low and they needed players.  Read More

Mom's Christmas Bread
By Katie O'Neil

Family traditions are especially prominent around the holidays. In America, the big melting pot, we have many traditions that come from other nations. In my family, we make Finnish coffee bread every Christmas and give loaves to our friends and neighbors. I’m a mixture of multiple European ethnicities but Finnish is one I never knew about. My mom knows that her great grandmother used the recipe but before her its history is unclear.
The bread is unique in that it rises three times and the milk is scalded. The bread contains cardamom which gives it a unique taste.  Read More

Word of the Year: Selfie

By Katie McClelland

After a successful student recognition ceremony put on by NHS last flex Wednesday, the student body was delighted to see a surprise created by the teachers. Similar in hilarity to the flash mob put on by the female teachers last year, this year the staff created a video compilation of  "selfies" in honor of the Oxford Dictionary "Word of the year". 

 "It was full of whit and whimsy," an impressed student said. Highlights include Mr. Smail appearing to light a power ranger on fire, some cats, some cute kids,  Ms. Girr with a well known DJ and some comedic Photobooth effects. Although a hit with students (some say they had tears in their eyes), there was some controversy over whether certain photos were true selfies. Honestly though, it doesn't matter. It was hilarious. Thanks teachers!

The Falcon Outlet Staff has chosen 6 of their favorite teacher "selfies" and our readers voted on who was the "selfie-master!" Ms. Jones, Mr. Mellon and Mr. Nolan were the clear winners!

Thanksgiving in Germany
By Elizabeth Kolle

This fall, I took an extended Thanksgiving break and traveled to Germany to visit a friend. This friend of mine, Annarosa, is spending a semester in Germany with relatives, so another friend and I flew out to visit. I flew from Logan International Airport in Boston to Newark, New Jersey on the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving with my friend Natalie (after a night of frantic packing, a doctor's appointment, and a late-night trip for last-minute provisions at L.L. Bean). Read More

Boys of Syracuse: The Musical
By Jasmine Olins

The curtains close on the final bow as the cast of Freeport High School's production of The Boys of Syracuse comes to an end. The cast and crew managed to pull off a majorly complicated, laugh riot musical about Ancient Greece, which caused the audience tears of laughter, if they could keep the characters and plot straight throughout the 2 and a half hour duration. "We never have shows that go as well as this one did," says senior Ethan Whited, who co-starred as Antipholus, with Evan Tims. He says what he will most miss about the musical is, "the musical itself, performing on that stage... I only have one more show on that stage."  Read More

Girls Cross Country Makes it to New Englands
By Elizabeth Martin

After finishing second in the class B states, the Freeport Girls cross country team made it to States, a very hard feat especially competing in class B. Freeport’s team was led by senior Sydney Ambrose who had a very successful season, especially for her first  year running cross country. Other team members included seniors Bethanie Knighton, Elly Bengston, Haley Steckler and Nina Davenport, and sophomore Chloe Hight. New Englands were held in Manchester, New Hampshire with 264 girls competing. Read More

Candy, Pizza, and Donuts: FHS Math Team on a Sugar High 
By Katie McClelland

Freeport High School boasts a vast collection of extracurriculars; from academic clubs, service clubs, sports and musical endeavors, the list goes on and on. Yet many have trouble gathering a massive following, with the average club totaling around 10-15 people. This could be due to a multitude of reasons, such as time commitments, lack of interest, or the sacrifice of every students' long-awaited lunch break. Yet the FHS Math Team is different.  Read More

After Tough Loss to NYA, Freeport Rallies Against Wells
By Lizzy Martin and Emily Johnson

The Freeport boys soccer team hosted Wells Wednesday afternoon. After a hard fought game against NYA resulting in a tough loss, the Falcons came back and showed Wells who they really are. 

One Town, Two Educations: Merriconeag to FHS
By Elizabeth Kolle
Because Freeport is an RSU, students from various schools are a common sight at Freeport High School. Three towns are generally thought to represent the educational pedigrees of our student body: Freeport, Durham, and Pownal. And, sure, there are those random transfer student mixed in. Every year, however, there are a few new students that come in from another local school—this one, however, isn’t affiliated with the public school system.  

Merriconeag Waldorf School is a school based mainly in Freeport that encompasses preschool through high school.    Read More

Mock Trial
By Lily Kolle

Anticipation is already building for this year's Mock Trial competition among those close to the team. Like a vintage bottle of Moxie, Freeport's Mock Trial squad seems to oimprove with the passage of time; recently, Freeport has advanced further into the "playoffs," as it were, than in the past.
Read More

Emma's Book Corner: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents 
By Emma Egan

Chronicling the journey that four sisters and their family make from their posh caribbean island home to the churning radical atmosphere of America in the 1960s, Julia Alvarez's How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents is an overall pleasant read. Yoyo, Sandi, Carla, and Sofía, are four girls that are used to the life that they lead as members of the Dominican Aristocracy, and so when they are forced to leave home due to their father's staged coup with the dictator of the country, their world turns upside down.   Read More 

Durham/Freeport Resident Goes to Art Camp, Learns About Art, Makes Stuff  By Falcon Editorial Staff

The Falcon Outlet editorial staff sat down with Freeport/Durham resident and local artist Dehlia Blue Mitchell-Grey for a Q & A about her experience taking classes this summer at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

 What prompted you to apply to the summer program at the SMFA?

I applied because I wanted to go away for part of the summer, and I wanted to be able to work in a lot of different mediums to figure out what I like best.  Read More

Kate the Great: Boys of Syracuse in the Making
By Ryder Bennell

Who doesn't love a good musical? The lively song and dance, melodramatic acting, and witty humor are all reasons that make Freeport High's productions so entertaining. But what does it take to put such a show together, and who is responsible for such a daunting task?
On Thursday afternoon, I caught up with junior Kate Doherty who will be taking on the ordeal of stage-managing the 2013 musical, The Boys From Syracuse.