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RSU No. 5 and Durham Community School realizes the implications and potential of technology. The use of technology in the 21st century workplace is dynamic and pervasive, changing and evolving as new tools revolutionize the way we communicate and create.  Our use of technology at Durham Community School is intended to be omnipresent and evolutionary, just as it is in the 21st century workplace.  We have sought to employ the richness of technology tools to facilitate 21st century learning and have embraced the change in new technologies as a chance to improve our students' understanding of their world.We believe:

  • Learning, collaboration, and communication are enhanced and extended by technology.
  • Technology plays multiple roles in supporting education in a variety of settings.
  • People are empowered by the use of technology.

Students at Durham Community School have access to a wide variety of workstations, including laptops, desktops, and iPads. Students in grades 6-8 enjoy use of 1:1 iPads through participation in the MLTI program.  Students in grades K-5 access devices on mobile carts called computers on wheels, or "COWs", consisting of Apple iBooks from prior MLTI deployments. Interactive Smartboards are in all classrooms grades 3-8.  LCD projectors are located in each classroom and have become integral to daily teaching and learning.   

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